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Jonny Stage


Sandgrouse Travel - Luxury & Adventure Vacations

Jonny Stage is the founder of Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions, he has completed a number of exciting expeditions and challenges across the globe, travelled throughout much of the African continent and right across Scandinavia. From living in the bush in Southern Africa to dog-sledding his own team of huskies across the Arctic and much more in between.

Now creating tailor-made luxury and adventure itineraries for Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions, his first-hand experience, passion and knowledge help him and the 'Sandgrouse' team to create truly amazing holidays for clients. To read Jonny's informative and engaging contributions to 'The Sandgrouse Travelleronline magazine and blog click here: Author: Jonny Stage 

More about Jonny: 

Jonny's family orginate from Moray in the north of Scotland. His great-grandfather emigrated to South Africa, however his grandfather who was born in South Africa, returned to Scotland. Jonny's own fascination and interest in the African continent eventually lead him there too, to pursue a dream and look for work in the African bush. Coupling his love of wildlife and the great outdoors he was fortunate enough to work on a private Game Reserve. His natural enthusiasm for the native flora and fauna was spotted quickly and he was soon guiding guests around the reserve. 

During his time in South Africa he fell in love with the people and culture, developing life long friendships. He spent a huge amount of time in the Kruger National Park, in and around Cape Town, Johannesburg and Pretoria, journeying along the world famous Garden Route and also the beautiful Western Cape wine region.  

Jonny has also travelled throughout much of Southern and Eastern Africa, most recently returning form an expedition in northern Tanzania where he climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and tallest free-standing mountain in the world at 19,341ft. 

Away from the African continent, Jonny is also an expert in the Nordic and Polar regions. He is now also creating tailor-made luxury and adventure itineraries for Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions to Scandinavia and the Arctic. 

Jonny lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, which provides easy access to some of the UK's most dramatic landscapes and wilderness areas.  

(78' North (in the Arctic). Preparing breakfast for 56 working dogs whilst out on expedition on Spitsbergen, Svalbard.  Here Jonny is with Tundra, one of the rear dogs in his six dog team. The 56 dogs encircle the camp at night serving as first class Polar Bear protection, enabling the team to sleep safely in tents without too much worrying. Throughout the night the dogs 'sing' or howl collectively as a group but for much of the night they are happy hunkering down in the snow out of the biting Arctic winds".)

(Jonny with the staff at Olakira Camp on the Mara River in the Serengeti, Tanzania).