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Mallorca - The European Cycling Mecca

Cycling in Mallorca

So, why do I need to plan a winter cycling vacation to Mallorca? 

If you head back through our archives you will see that we featured an article about the luxurious side to the island of Mallorca titled, Mallorca - The Luxury Jewel in the Mediterranean. The article went some way to explaining why Mallorca deserves your respect and attention and should be added to your 'bucket list'. Now we look to combine two of our great loves, luxury hotels in stunning destinations, with our love of road cycling. 

Mallorca is an island geared up brilliantly for sportsmen and sportswomen. Over the last few years we have seen the popularity of winter training camps for sports enthusiasts explode and no where more so than on the island of Mallorca. The largest of the Balearic Islands offers effortlessly smooth tarmac roads, draped on the sides of imposing mountains and impressive tunnels cut through rocky outcrops leading to quiet villages. On longer rides it's not hard to find a secluded cafe on a sunlit town square, the perfect pit stop. 

(From Spinning classes to sunkissed roads. Cyclists take over the empty roads and explore the quiet lanes under the winter sun).

(You'll find each Mallorcan town has an inviting cafe lined square, serving espressos and cake).

Long a favourite destination for Triathletes from around the world who look to train and compete at the highest levels whilst staying on the island. It is a unique island, a land of a thousand contrasts and many of these contrasts are found within the landscapes. With flats plains, windy coastal bays, isolated hilltops and an impressive mountain range the topography and size of Mallorca makes for the perfect training ground.

"The roads are a joy to ride on, some of the best in the world; with courteous drivers, memorable cafe stops, smooth tarmac, sweeping switchbacks and challenging climbs, Mallorca is a true cycling mecca". Tristram More-Molyneux, London, United Kingdom. 

If it's good enough for the Pros?

A number of professional cycling teams such as 'Team Sky Pro Cycling' hold their annual training camps here where they benefit from the warm and reliable drier winter months. With arguably the perfect temperatures to train in, it is here on the island where the riders put in their base miles, miles that will stand them in good shape on the Tour de France or Giro d'Italia later in the year. 

"During the winter months you are likely to encounter sunny days with temperatures around 15'C to 20'C"  - Jonny Stage, Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions. 

Professional teams, backed by lucrative corperate sponsership, have deep pockets and book out entire hotels that cater for the riders every need. However what we are finding now in Mallorca is a steady stream of amateur sportsmen and sportswomen looking for a similar service. Clients are looking for the same VIP treatment surrounding their training camp that the professional riders enjoy. They come to train throughout the year and they look to replicate their professional counterparts. Couples, groups of friends or whole velo clubs bring along a qualified coach or personal trainer who can help develop a detailed training schedule. Together they make the most of the high quality opportunities to be found on the island. 

It is a training location where depending on your budget and taste you can combine the highest quality training conditions with either a little comfort or a lot of luxury. Perhaps you already know the secrets and charms of Mallorca? Have you previously enjoyed training on the island whilst staying in a comfortable, functional hotel and resort? There are a number of these hotels and resorts. Having experienced this style of training week numerous times ourselves we went in search of something better to offer our clients, accommodation to match the dream-like riding conditions. 

The luxurious side to the wonderful mediterranan island of Mallorca is without doubt a huge draw to the traveller. With a number of Europe's top boutique hotels dotted across the island it's a an obvious choice for those looking for 'the best'. Many visitors who come specifically to train in Mallorca instinctively choose one of the islands comfortable and functional hotels but we understand the benefits associated with staying somewhere that exceeds all your expectations. So why not stay somewhere that can provide the best additional services around your training programme, helping you take the most from your training window? 

(A hotel to match the unparralled cycling conditionsJust 20 minutes drive from Palma is Hotel Cap Rocat, an old naval fortress. Guests can enjoy their own luxury suite with sea views and private plunge pool. Post ride private yoga sessions, pilates classes and personal trainer coaching can be arranged with Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions).

Beyond the chartered yachts moored in the glamorous marinas or the luxury boutique hotels nestled in the Tramantana Mountains there is something more gritty and raw on offer in Mallorca. It makes the perfect base from which to enjoy some winter training and some truly exhilarating riding.

If you would like to plan a winter or early spring break to Mallorca in 2019, laying down some great base miles to your season, then speak to us today. We're able to create bespoke packages for riders and clubs that will kick your season off with the burst you need! Email or call our head office on: +44 (0)1764 664 236. 


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