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Mallorca - The Luxury Jewel In the Mediterranean

Mallorca - The Luxury Jewel In the Mediterranean

What's the best island in the Mediterranean? 

Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, for seven hundred years a strategic enclave, the jewel of the Mediterranean Sea. Known as 'The King's Island' and favorite of everyone from royalty, celebrities and millionaires right down to the common man. The island now attracts as many as 10 million tourists a year, so it is no wonder the name alone has become synonymous with 'holidays'.

There’s a relaxed and friendly atmosphere at this most emblematic of Mediterranean vacation hotspots. It’s a place totally at one with itself, where the people are happy. That dose of infectious local happiness becomes to the traveler, dare I say it, completely addictive. The Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges fell in love with Mallorca years ago and once described this magical land of a thousand contrasts as, "a place akin to happiness, suited to the happy person, suitable for the settings of bliss". He was not wrong.

Mallorca offers the traveler rich rewards and is much more than the old cliché of ‘Sun, Sea and Sand’. Places such as Deià, Sa Calobra, Valldemossa, Sóller and even Cap de Formentor spring to mind. Put simply, Mallorca is blessed, inundated with charm and beauty; take your time here and slowly the island reveals herself to you. It is a special place where traditions meet modernity, tranquillity blends effortlessly with excitement, and safety and privacy can be found cohabiting alongside one another. Look a little further still and you will quickly uncover an island exuding luxury with a talented flair.

(Staying at the Belmond La Residencia proves to be the perfect place from which to lose yourself in the majestic Tramuntana hills. Click to enlarge).  

Luxury Mallorca. Dream it! Live it.  

Those in the know are only too happy to point you in the right direction. From the highest quality luxury boutique accommodation, private chartered yachts, and fine dining, to the local artisanal cuisine and mouth-watering wines. All this in a land steeped in fascinating folklore, rich traditions and an eclectic mix of diverse influences from throughout the Mediterranean area.

The landscapes in Mallorca have a timeless quality about them, offering a perfect blend between wild nature and man's taming hand. You will find rugged mountainsides lined with hundreds of years old, meticulously planted olive and almond groves that hug contour lines with fastidious perfection. Somehow the mountains would look less beautiful without these testaments to man's great tenacity. So how can it all be improved upon you ask? Drape it all in a crystal clear light favorited for centuries by painters and artists from all over the world. The small village of Deià, situated in the Tramuntana mountains, is a prime example; now a hotspot for local and international artists, due in part to its beautiful setting as well as the quality of the light found here. 

(Talk a walk up into the hills and experience first-hand with a private guide how the ancient Olive Oil industry is still thriving in this part of the world. Click image to enlarge). 

Our number one spot in the Mediterranean

We can't extol the virtues of this fantastic island enough. We love nothing more than sharing discoveries with our clients and would love to hear about your travels in Mallorca.  Tell us in the comments below of your favourite places and any hidden gems you have stumbled across - lofty monasteries, secluded hiking trails or sleepy villages. Perhaps you have met a local who has inspired you or showed you unrivalled hospitality?

“We’ve been regular visitors to Mallorca for the last 15 years. We normally head for the interior of the island where there is a good selection of stylish boutique hotels. Finding a hilltop village for al fresco dining is a delight and there are real gems to discover that are unaffected by the commercial pressures of the coastal resorts. Palma has one of the easiest airports to navigate and the short flight time from the UK makes a long weekend break an attractive possibility.” - Richard Beasley, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.

(The Manor Suite at the beautiful Hilton Sa Torre, Mallorca - one of our favorites. Click to enlarge). 

Look out for our 'Luxury Mallorca' itineraries that will showcase the best of Mallorca's world class accommodation and top visitor experiences, these will be coming soon on our full website.

Next month we will be featuring a blog post dedicated purely to Mallorca's recent exploding popularity as a destination for road cyclists and in particular winter training camps. We'll be looking at how best to blend the joy of cycling on some of Europe's best roads with stays at some truly unique luxury accommodation. 

"The roads are a real joy to ride on, some of the best in the world in fact; with courteous drivers, great cafe stops, smooth tarmac, sweeping switchbacks and challenging climbs. Mallorca is a true cycling mecca, it's no wonder many of the pros favor the island for their annual training camps" - Tristram More-Molyneux, London, United Kingdom. 

(Relax with some private yoga instruction at the unique Hotel Cap Rocat, Mallorca. Click to enlarge). 

(Let us charter a private yacht for you, then take your time to explore the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea around the island. Click to enlarge).

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indiatripplanners says: January 9th, 2024 at 8:02 am

This article superbly captures the essence of Mallorca as a luxurious gem nestled in the Mediterranean. The vivid descriptions and attractive visuals without a doubt transport the reader to this paradise, engaging them to discover its wonders. Well done!

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