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The Definitive Guide to Kilimanjaro Part Three: Expedition Logistics

The Definitive Guide to Kilimanjaro Part Three: Expedition Logistics

For a successful ascent of Kilimanjaro you need a team who will work tirelessly for you to achieve your goal. Your success is our success and every aspect of the climb is meticulously planned and prepared for you. We genuinely want you to succeed as much as you do.

Behind the Scenes

Our aim is to get you to the summit and back down again with a big smile on your face. With that in mind you need to have an idea of what to expect from us. This is a snapshot of what goes on behind the scenes to ensure you are in the smiling group photograph at Uhuru Peak and experience the buzz of having conquered Africa’s highest mountain.

(Loading up - the porters check and double check all their gear before heading to the start of the trek).


We use the most experienced guide on the mountain, Msafiri Munna.  You can read our full interview with Msafiri here: The Best Guide on Kilimanjaro. With over 250 escorted ascents of Kili he knows every rock and footstep of each route to the summit. This knowledge is invaluable. Your head guide can accurately tell you how long you have left to walk to camp each day, what to expect and most importantly control the pace of your climb. Your morale will soar through the clouds even when the trekking gets tough and you are digging deep. You head guide is assisted by a number of equally experienced team members who are trained to help you every step of the way. They have the first aid and medical knowledge and equipment including hyperbaric oxygen chambers and the latest kit (which we hope you will never need) but it is good to know it is on hand should the situation arise. This mountain needs respect and shortcuts in kit and knowledge can leave you exposed. We do everything humanly possible to mitigate these situations arising.

('MC' our head guide and one of the most experienced Kilimanjaro expedition leaders in the industry) Click to enlarge.

(Some of the porters on a Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions Kilimanjaro trek take a moment for a short break in the sunshine).


As the name suggests these men are at the core of the logistics operation. They progress up the mountain ahead of you on a daily basis – carrying your kit and setting up professional camps including all amenities for you to enjoy at the end of each day. These include mess tents, dining tents, your own private tents and eco-friendly toilets. We pay our porters well and respect their work and they too are well equipped with the right clothes, shoes and kits. This is sadly far from the norm and you will feel utterly cosseted compared to many of the other climbers.

The mantra of the 7 “P”s is their keystone. This leaves you unencumbered by kit to enjoy your ascent – safe in the knowledge that when the head guide tells you camp is just ahead – it is a camp you could happily stay for longer than a night.

Food and nutrition

This now widely recognised as a crucially important component of any endurance activity. As Napoleon quite correctly said –“an army marches on its stomach”. Fuel for the body and brain is vital for any sense of wellbeing and this is fundamental to your time with us. The fertile lands at the base of Kilimanjaro produce world class fruit and vegetables and the food you are served is designed to be rich in nutrients and carbohydrates so you awake each day with fresh hot food to propel you ever skywards. In addition to hot meals, we supply you with nutritional snacks to keep you going.

Amazing food in extraordinary landscapes. For more information on the food within a Kilimanjaro trek click here: FOOD IS FUEL ON MOUNT KILIMANJARO

(Brilliant food is provided throughout the trek, helping you stay energised all the way). 


As with the finest performances in any field – it is not so much what you see, as what you don’t that makes the difference. 

In the next article we will look at your day to day experience – From sunrise across the plains of Africa to walking through the best view on the continent.

If you are looking to book your own adventure to Tanzania and are interested in climbing Mount Kilimanjaro please get in touch with us today by calling 0131 662 4731 or emailing - one of our travel designers will be delighted to start planning your trip. You can also browse our trek ideas for Kilimanjaro  here: Mount Kilimanjaro.

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