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Skier's Chalet Levi


Skier's Chalet Levi is located in an exceptional location in the picturesque Taalovaara area of Finnish Lapland. There are 9 individual chalets each with similar outlook and unique in design. The individual chalet accommodation comprises of 4 ensuite twin bedrooms and 1 loft (inner terrace) twin bedroom. 

This is a location where you can benefit from untouched Lappish wilderness. Exceptional Arctic adventures start from your very doorstep; the closest ski lift is only 1 mile away and the cross country ski tracks are only 50 metres away. 

These wonderful chalets offer guests the enjoyment of:

  • Large living room space with a traditional fireplace
  • Cosy dining room
  • 4 twin bedrooms with individual bathrooms an 1 loft (indoor terrace) twin bedroom
  • Personal spa and sauna including jacuzzi
  • Several outdoor terraces and balconies
  • Traditional Kammi earth lodge

The following facilities are included into the rent:

  • Wireless Internet connection
  • TVs, DVDs and CD Player (satellite TV)
  • Hairdryers
  • Washing machine, Drying machine
  • Bedding and towels
  • Firewood

Lapland Luxury’s Skiers’ Chalet is located in picturesque Taalovaara area, only a ten minute car ride away from Levi Town and 15 minute ride from Kittilä airport. While here you are only a couple of hours away from the centre of international tourism Rovaniemi yet enjoying the intimacy of the Arctic forest.