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Ship In The Ice


Join the exclusive club of Arctic explorers like Nansen, Amundsen and Shackleton.

Experience for yourself the unique opportunity to sleep on a ship trapped in the frozen waters of the arctic, you will be onboard a fully modernised and renovated 100 year old sailing schooner.

'Ship In The Ice' is locked in the Tempelfjorden ice, close to the foot of one of the most beautiful glaciers on Spitsbergen, here you are surrounded by majestic mountains and far reaching views. 

With only 10 cabins there are only ever a maxium of 20 guests onboard and you can really easily imagine what it must have been like for those early explorers who often had to endure whole winters locked in the ice-cap, surviving off only the seals and wild game they could hunt. 

Ship In The Ice Luxury Expedition

4 NIGHTS, DOG SLEDDING EXPEDITION, SHIP IN THE ICE LUXURY ADVENTURE, SVALBARD For anyone dreaming of experiencing a multi-day dog sledding expedition into the true arctic wilderness but who does not wish to sleep over night in...

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Snowmobile or Dog Sled:

You can reach the Ship in the Ice either by snowmobile or dog sled. The ship is frozen in the Tempelfjorden about 60 km northeast of Longyearbyen, and is ready to host modern explorers from the middle of February until the middle of May, depending on the ice conditions. 

We arrange both day trips and overnight trips to the ship in the Ice. Due to local regulations, you can only visit the ship as part of a guided tour. Contact us to know more about the trips and expeditions for 2017.