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Legendary Serengeti Mobile Camp

extraordinary mobile camp following The Migration

Explore a rich landscape of inky blue skies, burnt orange sunsets and the soft neutrals of the African savannah. Within the largest of Tanzania’s national parks is a promise of luxury with premier accommodations and superb service that are Legendary Serengeti Camp.

Pitched as a split camp whereby one side of the camp will have 6 or 7 tents and the other side will have 5 or 4 tents, each half of the camp faces in a different direction and natural habitat ensures maximum privacy. Each camp is fully contained with its own lounge and dining facility. Six or more guests are guaranteed an exclusive camp. Smaller parties will have semi-exclusivity whereby another couple or small family may be booked into camp simultaneously.

North Serengeti, West Serengeti & Maswa

Each party will have a private safari vehicle for game drives and will be seated at separate dining tables for mealtimes.The mobile camps are closed from 1 May until 15 May due to high rain fall anticipated during the green season of Tanzania. The planned dates for camp mobilisation are subject to change.

The camp follows the migratory route of the wildebeest. Should the herds move earlier or later than expected, the camps will be mobilised accordingly. Please enquire with specific dates to check the expected location of the camp.

SOUTH SERENGETI / MASWA: beginning of December until the end of April
WEST SERENGETI: middle of May through to middle of July
NORTH SERENGETI: middle of July to the end of November