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Legendary Lodge


On the western side of Arusha at the foot of the magnificent Mount Meru lies east African luxury which can only be experienced at Legendary Lodge. Surrounded by lush tropical gardens and a century old coffee estate, the twelve colonial style cottages with their modern Afro-European architecture and décor are both exclusive and enchanting.

This beautiful homestead has been in its current ownership since the early 1980s however it was only in 2005 that the lodge was returned to the classic welcoming home that it is today. 

Enjoy five star indulgences, spacious living, fine dining and the natural charm of local Tanzanians. The staff are dedicated to exceeding your expectations and anticipating your every need. 

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Lodge Information:
Number of guest suites; 10 one bedroom cottages (20 beds); 2 two bedroom cottages (8 beds)
Maximum number of guests 28
Children: Yes
Swimming pool; Yes
Electricity: Yes -- 220 volt power supply
Plug points: Adapters provided in rooms; converters provided upon request
WiFi: Yes
Television: Yes
Private dining: Yes
Outdoor dining: Available upon request; weather permitting
Spa services: Yes
Fitness centre: Yes
Yoga: Yes
Safari shop: Yes

The history of the original farmhouse is linked to that of Goodall Bloom, the son of Jewish parents Barnett and Ellen Bloom. Born in the mid 1870s in Russia (currently Latvia), Goodall was almost 20 when his family immigrated to Manchester, England. Almost a decade later, Goodall emigrated once again, this time to Arusha, Tanganyika. 

Together with his wife, Jan, the established Arusha’s first hotel, “Blooms”, that would later become The Arusha Hotel. Goodall subsequently went into business farming coffee on what was to become known as Selian Coffee Estate, and Poli (Isaac), his son, lived in this very farmhouse.


Today century old coffee trees and lush gardens thrive in Arusha’s temperate climate, guests are invited to embrace the 12 Colonial style cottages that boast elegant interiors, African arts and crafts and modern comforts. 


Location and Surroundings

This vibrant city is the ideal stop to recover from an international arrival or to dust yourself off at the end of a successful safari. Legendary Lodge makes for the most perfect home from home on your way to or way back from either safari or climbing Mt Kilimanjaro or Mt Meru (or both). 

Arusha  has  been  described  as  green,  lush  and  definitely  cool. Surrounded  by  some  of Africa’s most famous landscapes and National Parks, at approximately 1,540m (5,053 feet) above  sea  level,  Arusha is  home  to fertile lands that nurture coffee plantations, bananas and horticultural undertakings of various private farmers.

Mount Meru stands cloud bound above the town, the 9Th highest mountain in Africa, yet “Every  mountain  top  is  within  reach  if  you  just  keep  climbing” -Barry Finlay, Kilimanjaro and Beyond.

Arusha started as a small garrison town and was officially declared a city on 1 July 2006 by the Tanzanian government. German  colonialists  founded  it in the 1900s when the territory was  part  of  German  East  Africa and it was  named  after  the  local  tribe,  Wa Arusha.The historical  climate  in  Arusha has  the  long rains  from  late  March  until June,  and  the short  rains  from  October to December. Long  rains  fall  in  heavy  downpours,  often accompanied   by   thunderstorms,   whilst   the   short   rains   tend   to   be   much   smaller downpours with sunny intervals

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