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Discover the majesty of North West Greece

Whether you are an active trekker looking for new peaks to conquer, a sailing enthusiast eager to island hop through crystal clear seas or someone who just wants to unwind in a beautiful natural setting after a day’s culinary and cultural explorations, Northwestern Greece (North West Greece) is the perfect gateway to all things outdoors.

Home to the Pindos mountain range (Greece’s rocky backbone) and the deepest gorge in the world, Vikos, boasting National Parks of stunning beauty, densely forested islands and mountain villages renowned for their hospitality, it is a destination truly off the beaten track and unaffected by mass tourism.  

From the island of Ithaca, home of Ulysses, to the peak of Mt Tymfi and it's alpine “dragon lakes”, Northwestern Greece hands down delivers unforgettable experiences and a chance to cross a few things off your bucket list. With a unique culture, millennia of recorded history and a regional cuisine influenced both by East and West it is the ultimate active traveller’s destination in the country.