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Spem Successus Alit: Successful VetRun180 Journey to be Repeated with new Group of Medically Discharged British Veterans

Land Rover Expedition in Scotland - British Iraq & Afghan Veterans

We are delighted to announce that following on from the great success of the 2020 Scottish Coast to Coast Expedition with the incredible UK-based military charity VetRun180, Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions will be leading a re-run of this challenging and unique overland journey by Land Rover.  This September will be the charity's second ever Scottish Highlands expedition and we are thilled to once again be involved from start to finish, facilitating a remarkable cross-country route.

The Group, Route & Vehicles

2021's trip will see an entirely new group of medically discharged British Armed Forces veterans head deep into the rugged and remote Scottish Highlands. As per last year, they will be traversing the width of the country from Dunnottar Castle in Aberdeenshire to Ardnamurchan Lighthouse out west (the UK's most westerly mainland point!).

The route once again crosses the great Highland sporting estates, thanks to the support and kindness of multiple land owners, including the likes of the Royal Family at Balmoral. The trip will of course, be conducted using a convoy of specially adapted Land Rover Defender 110s, all expedition ready and packed to the gunnels with the appropriate overland kit. 

Differing from last year, there are a few exciting changes to the challenge - including pre-cached food depots along the route, where vital supplies will need to be found by the veterans using GPS coordinates! 

Land Rover Adventure in Scotland

Why 'Spem Successus Alit'?

Here at Sandgrouse Travel, the Ross clan motto comes to mind in a lot of what we do, 'Spem Successus Alit', literally translating to Success Nourishes Hope! We find our clan motto fits perfectly with the inspirational work being done by VetRun180, a charity that is actively helping medically discharged UK forces personnel on their individual roads to recovery.

Route Briefing for Injured Veterans - British Veterans Charity

The exciting expeditions the charity provide bring guys and girls together to reform common bonds, slot back into an environment they are familiar with and together as a team overcome challenging but fun obstacles.

To us, what Spem Successus Alit really means, is that success encourages further success, however small. This can indeed be seen throughout the trips and expeditions as the individual participants come out of their shells.

Concentrate on small goals, small changes in life and track them until they form a winning streak. With the successes the veterans can feel from these trips, they can form a winning streak to be carried through into their own lives back on civvy street.  VetRun180 'Adventure Therapy' journeys can be the much needed spark in regaining lost confidence or lost identity, allowing the veterans to go on and pursue their next goals which hitherto may have alluded them since leaving the military. Either way, the trips are hugely enjoyable for all involved, and individuals benefit from them in their own personal ways - affirmation of the benefits of adventure, stepping outside one's comfort zone and the need to nurture a fortified spirit within. 

Land Rover Veterans Expedition - Scottish Land Rover Adventure

Find Out More about VetRun180

We look forward to welcoming a new group of Britain's unsung heroes to Scotland in September 2021 - when we embark on the next installment of 'Adventure Therapy' with VetRun180. 

For more information on the charity's work, trips and how you can be involved please visit their website directly at, Here you can learn more, or donate should you wish to help fund some of the incredible and vital work. 

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