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Summer Northern Lights & Family Adventures in Sweden!

Floating Sauna on the Lake in Swedish Lapland - Lapland Sweden Summer Camping

The Summer Northern Lights have now been  officially switched on with Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions!

Discover an incredible alternative summer destination in 2020 with Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions complete with the chance of Aurora displays (from late August onwards). Head north with the whole family or a group of great friends for a summer adventure holiday with a quirky difference!
Swedish Lapland is firmly on the radar of those dreaming of a winter adventure, however this magical part of the Boreal Forest offers adventurous and nature loving souls something incredibly special in the summer months as well.
Luxury Tipis in Swedish Lapland - Summer in Sweden
(Lavvus with a view across the lake - Swedish summer camping!). 
Swedish Lapland Summer Vacation - Lapland In Summer(Summer evenings are best spent with loved ones and great friends around the campfire enjoying incredible food prepared using local natural ingredients). 
Floating Sauna in Swedish Lapland - Summer Holidays in Sweden
(Paddle out to the unique floating sauna just off from camp - before taking a plunge into the crystal clear lake to cool off!). 
Kayaking in Sweden - Summer Holidays to Remember
(Evening kayaking on the millpond with your children! This is where memories are made...) 
Moose Burgers in Swedish Lapland - Summer Holidays in Sweden
(Moose burgers prepared in the traditional local style eaten outdoors under the canopy of sweet smelling pine trees - what could possibly be better!?). 
Sit around the campfire in Sweden this summer! Your family could be here.
(Inspired by luxury African safari camps - the convivial set up at this unique Swedish glamping location offers families and groups of friends an amazing setting for a memorable summer holiday break!). 
Family Holiday in Sweden
(Enjoy an array of fantastic activities together as a family in this magical setting!). 
Ever dreamed of seeing the Northern Lights but don’t particularly like the idea of the extreme weather normally associated with viewing the mysterious Aurora Borealis? Did you even know that the Aurora Borealis can be visible from the end of August onwards? Most of the world would assume they are not but we now have an exciting solution for those travellers who prefer to keep warm. Of course, our Summer Northern Lights trips offer far more though than just a chance of Aurora, these are true summer holidays where adventure for all the family awaits.
Swedish Lapland Summer Camp - Camping in Sweden in the Summer
(During the summer, alfresco dining is enjoyed as much as possible at our go-to luxury Swedish Lapland glamping site). 
Luxury Glamping in Swedish Lapland - Sweden Glamping Holidays
(Cosy up by the roaring fire in the evenings to keep the chill off in your incredible tipi tent or lavvu as they are called in Sami). 
Wilderness Picnics in Swedish Lapland - Lake Fishing in Sweden
(Head out on the lake to some of the remote shores, uninhabited islands and much more - enjoy a wilderness picnic lunch, an exploratory walk or wild-swim, or simply fish for supper off the boat!). 
Sandgrouse Travel’s summer trips to Swedish Lapland provide you with a unique adventure suitable for all the family.  These alternative programmes can be packed out with outdoor activities and excursions led by local guides and experts or we can set you up with the kit in situ leaving you to enjoy at your own leisure the likes of fishing, kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, hutting, floating saunas, wild-swimming in pristine lakes and much more! 
Swedish Saunas on the Lake - Luxury Swedish Holidays to Remember
(Enjoy your floating sauna on the cyrstal clear waters of the lake just infront of your camp).
Moose Safari in Swedish Lapland in the Summer
(Keep your eyes peeled for these great giants living in the forest. Moose abound in these parts!). 
River Rafting, Lapland Canoe Trips and Adventures - Swedish Lapland in Summer
(Kayaking, Canoeing and Rafting are all possibly right from the doorstep of camp in this incredible part of Swedish Lapland - the dream family summer destination). 
No snow, no problem. Dog-sledding is even possible in the summer months with the huskies requiring vital exercise and training pulling wheeled sleds through beautiful forest trails - race along with your team calling out musher’s commands as you whizz past crystal clear lakes and sweet smelling pines. 
Fishing in Lapland with the family! Dream Summer Holidays
(Fishing for dinner! Enjoying time as a family out in nature is so important, we can't recommend more highly a trip to Swedish Lapland in summer where nature is at the heart of all activities enjoyed). 
Campfire Nights - Evenings in Sweden Camping with the Family
(Evenings sat around the campfire sharing stories with great friends and loved ones). 
For those who are looking for a truly unique road cycling holiday where riders enjoy some of the world’s quietest roads, Swedish Lapland offers a training destination that flies completely under the radar of the masses. Rouleur your way through undulating forest clad landscapes encountering no one but herds of reindeer and the odd giant moose. Being so far north, incredibly long daylight hours maximise saddle time and we’re able to now offer sensational full cycling itineraries complete with logistical support and wilderness lunch stops. 
Summer Camping in Sweden with Sandgrouse Travel
(The wine cellar in camp! Sit back and relax on the shores of the pristine lake enjoying a glass of something refreshing and crisp whilst your meal is prepared by your hosts). 
Camping in Sweden in the Summer - Family Holiday in Sweden
Summer Parties in Swedish Lapland at your Private Safari Camp

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