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Scottish Art: ‘Easel Adventures’ Painting Holidays in and around Scotland with Sandgrouse Travel

Scottish Painting Holiday

What could be more exciting than visiting this awe-inspiring romantic country with castles, meandering rivers, diverse wildlife and beautiful light. Now Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions clients from around the world can capture that inspiration in their own artwork with the help of an experienced tutor.

We are excited to announce that we are now able to offer Sandgrouse Travel & Expedition clients incredible bespoke art tuition in the magical surroundings of a most inspiring landscapes. Scotland is your blank canvas! Create your own unique memory on canvas of an unforgettable holiday. If you love Scotland or you are a first time visitor you will soon understand the draw of the Scottish landscape.

Scottish Art Classes(Easels set up for a day of inspired painting in the Scottish countryside not far from Edinburgh). 

Guest blog by our talented Scottish artist: Selina Wilson; 

"Truly powerful, euphoric and rich in history. The Artists Sir Edwin Landseer, Sir David Wilkie and Turner all drew their inspiration from this Wild landscape. In the 19 Century a radical group of artists, so called 'The Glasgow Boys' were the pioneers of an art movement that challenged academic painting and started the trend towards Modernism in Scottish Painting. Nowadays Artist and Photographers from all over the world are inspired by the diversity and awe inspiring beauty of our magnificent country. I now provide lucky Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions clients with this unique experience.

What sets Scotland apart as the most exciting country I have ever painted in is the contrasting light and dramatic scenery. Best of all when the bright light of the day filters through a grey cloud and forms the Sistine Chapel of skies! It makes you feel an extraordinary sense of excitement to be part of such a beautiful and moving place. 

Scottish Painting Holiday(Painting holidays and experiences on the West Coast of Scotland - Scottish Landscape Painting)

Scotland's colour palate has variety in abundance. Typically we think of moody skies, and believe me those are as fun to paint as the warm evening light or bright summers days. Light glistens and forms bright halos on the edges of trees, crofts, or sprinkles glitter-like as it touches the surface of the water. A moody sky will often have an opening of tremendous golden light and it will filter onto the landscape highlighting the horizons. Or a carpet of intense purple heather that thrives on the peat land. From a distance and depending on the season heather can appear red or pink. Gorse bushes which smell like coconut oil are bright yellow and the peaty waters of the rivers and burns duplicate the colour of Whisky!

Arisaig, on the West coast, is one of my favourite painting destinations. The crystal clear turquoise sea, the white sand and the views of the islands of Eigg, Rum and Muck are beautiful and varied. It too has the authentic craggy outcrops, the blue hills and mountains in the distance with the added magic of the steam train that makes its journey through the landscape between Fort William and Mallaig twice a day.

Eilean Donan Castle perched on the side of Loch Shiel is picture perfect and just the thing if you would like to capture an authentic Scottish Castle. 

Scottish Castle Tours with Sandgrouse Travel (Solveig from Solveig In Scotland poses by the world-famous Eilean Donan Castle).

Edinburgh Castle with its dramatic skyline and the mishmash of architecture skirting the Royal Mile, leads your eye upwards to the crisp lines of the castle; an impressive silhouette towering over the city.

In the piece and harmony of the outdoors, you will be able to take in the landscape with every flick of the brush! The magic of Scotland is contagious.

Being outdoors is the real deal; the passing wildlife and the birds up above. The sounds, the smells and the closeness to your subject cannot be compared to using photographs; you need to feel the landscape and be part of it. It is a meditative experience, spreading paint on the canvas like buttering your afternoon scone!

One to one tuition or group outings are designed for all abilities including absolute beginners.

Some outstanding locations chosen for you: 

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Eilean Donan Castle 
  • Arisaig
  • Scottish Borders Abbeys

A little more about Selina: I have been a practising artist and tutor for 10-years in London and Scotland. I studied for 3-years at the Charles H Cecil Studios in Florence and have made my name through commissioned work and exhibitions. I am passionate about the Scottish landscape and thrilled to pass on my skills. I have studied various methods including Sight size and Encajar, as well as being taught by well known artists who have generously passed on their knowledge. 

I grew up in the Scottish Borders. After 5-years in London teaching painting and working on commission I moved back up to the ’heart land’ in 2015. I have spent the majority of my holidays in Scotland picking up on the most inspiring locations to paint."

Painting in Scotland - Scottish Art trips(Portraits in the heather! Romantic Outlander style artwork in the Scottish Highlands) 

How might my day look when I sign up for an Art Adventure with Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions?

You will arrive at one of Scotland's most beautiful locations where Selina will greet you.

Easels will be set up for you in advance.

Selina will guide you through the basics of how to start your landscape with a carefully developed lesson plan, to simplify the shapes with step by step tuition and demonstrations.

You will have plenty of breaks.

Selina will inspire you with ideas, techniques and colour theory.

Create, express and absorb the magic of the experience.

At the end of the day Selina will prepare your artwork to be taken home or sent to you when dry.

Can anyone be taught?

Absolutely! Selina is an experienced tutor; she will guide you every step of the way. 

Which mediums will be taught?:

Oil painting, or drawing (pastel, pencil, charcoal) , or your preference if possible.

I am an experienced painter how might you help me advance?

If you have a specific style or previous experience Selina will tailor my tuition to your needs.

(Selina Wilson working on a bronze sculpture of a Giraffe, inspired by a recent trip to East Africa). 

Join Selina for a powerful, unforgettable experience. Take home a lasting memory that will bring the landscape and your Scottish adventure flooding back! Scotland is your blank canvas.

Call now on 01764 664 236 or alternatively email

Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions is a luxury travel company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specalise in tailormade holidays to Scotland, Scandinavia and Africa and bring a wealth of first-hand experience to each of the bespoke trips we carefully create for our clients. 

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