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Scotland Wild Camping


Scotland is a destination to rival any of the 'trending' locations seen in our in-flight magazines or Instagram feeds. A small, beautiful country that packs an almighty punch. It could be said, Scotland is clichéd by images of hairy Highland cows, castles perched on rocky outcrops and tartan clad pipers in heathered glens. And yet, Scotland has a habit of delivering on these classic images. This is a country rich in heritage. A place defined by rugged mountain scenery found throughout the Scottish Highlands and with a captivating history of clans and chieftains. Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions want to share the magic with you! That's exactly why we've come up with...


Wild Camping in Scotland(The winter sun drops below the western horizon in the Cairngorm National Park - and we settle in for a night around the fire enjoying our 'hot tent'. Outside it may be -10'C but in our tent it was 20'C!)

If people only knew the majesty to be savoured here in the Scottish wilderness. Indeed, if people only knew how it felt to wake up, unzip their tent doorway and look out to the wilderness. Here you can be literally miles from your nearest neighbour, surrounded by nothing but silent mountains in the home of Europe's top wildlife. 

How best then to unlock our incredible country when you might be stuck in the city? Well let us explain. We have now officially launched our innovative 'Scotland Wild Sleeps' programme.


Our all-inclusive forays into the very heart of wild and rugged Scotland, provide you with exceptional wild camping experiences. We take all the hassle out of your Scottish adventure, arranging all the gear, logistics, private Land Rover transport and of course access to some of Scotland's very best and often secret locations. Guests enjoy heated tents, Antarctica rated military grade sleeping bags and crutially, an exhilerating ride into camp adding healthy heaps of excitement. All you need to do is turn up and enjoy your immersive wilderness escape. 

('No Wifi, great connection!' - take a SIB boat 15-kms down a remote loch to your adventure base for a weekend away from it all!).

Scotland Wild Sleeps - Hot Tenting (Off-grid winter camping gives us the chance to live a Scandinavian dream in the most westerly part of the European boreal forest - the Caledonian forest. This special forest offers a unique experience where the average age of the pines around you is over 100 years old, and many are 300 or 400 years old - known as 'Granny Pines' the forest holds a special sort of magic). 

(Looking out across the silent pine forest in a world of peace and tranquillity impossible to find elsewhere). 


For many people around Europe, who may be stuck at the desks whilst reading this very article, a dream of an escape to the mountains is never far. We know that it can be hard to get away from the routine, the city can hold you tight in it's grip. It can also seem an almost impossible task to pack and prepare for such an escape, perhaps even you don't have any of the appropiate gear or expedition equipement to make such an escape a reality, yet you know you would love to go on one?


These days the possibility to escape has never been easier with more and more flights from various airports across Europe and the rest of the globe flying directly into Scotland. With great air links, and now an all-inclusive escape provided, why not commit to reconnecting with the wilderness (our true home) and totally disengaging with your modern city existence.

Scottish Wildlife tours(Immerse yourself in an environment we once all came from - wilderness. Breathe in nature and reconnect with the natural world around you, trust us, it'll make your soul sing a little). 

Canoe Trips in Scotland(We recommend throwing into your wilderness escape something challenging and new, in these experiences we grow and sear new memories into our hearts and minds. In seeking out new challenges we also open the door to new found passions and interests). 

If travelling by plane it's possible to leave your desk on a Friday lunch time and be in the heart of the Scottish Highlands wilderness for sundown that evening listening to the stags roar! All you need to pack is suitable outdoor clothing for a weekend hill-walking (based on the season) and we'll provide you with the rest. For those of you that prefer alternatives to flights, good old fashioned rail links can also provide hassle free overnight links to the far north. Many a  city dwellers through the ages has marvelled at the joys of boarding a Highland bound sleeper train in busy London to wake up surrounded by the heather-clad mountains of Scotland. You could be next?

It is in the contrast between an urban existance and wilderness living that we find the source of our greatest pleasures to be savoured whilst on a 'Wild Sleeps' adventure.

Land Rover off road Scotland(Expect an exhilerating ride into camp, many of the camps we use are situated in areas of Scotland that are simply inaccessible to the masses. We gain specail consent from land owners and are able to strike camp in some of the country's most incredible locations). 

Overlanding Scotland(Land Rover Defender 110 expeditions vehicles will pick you up from an airport of your choice before heading into the wilderness). 


If time alone in the wilderness, without wifi and away from the dreary hum of the urban world isn't enough for you on your Wild Sleeps escape, Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions can look to spice up your experience with the addition of some great activities.

We we have so much to offer, from days out on the water with local Scottish fisherman to scallop diving safaris, marine safaris, puffin watching, whale watching, stalking deer (for the best organic food on your table - take your near zero cholesterol venison home with you) or walked-up rough shooting (earn your substainably sourced prime game meat), fly-fishing for wild trout or salmon or good old hill walking (munro bagging) and many more... We can even offer great paddling and sea-kayaking combining an A to B mini journey with some great wild camping. All you need to do is let us know what your adventure preference and level is and well create a suggested itinerary that will really satiate. 

Lobster fishing in Scotland(Freshly caught lobster and Brown crab pulled straight from the depths of Davy Jones' locker).

Why not start planning your mini-break now by talking to one of our travel designers based in Scotland? Find out prices and what you can really enjoy in Scotland by calling today. You can call our office on 01764 664 236 or email our team directly at and before you know it you can be sleeping out in some of the UK's most amazing and remote locations with everything 'laid on'. The question you need to ask yourself now is, "What am I waiting for!?".

Climbing the Corbetts in Scotland(Our summer camping experiences provide you with the chance to hook up with a famous mountain leader guide who will show you to the summit of some of our most elusive peaks. You can choose a mountain that will suit your requirements, from a challanging Munro to a more gentle Corbett)

Camping Wild Scotland(Call us today and start planning something extra special - an adventure you never thought possible in the UK). 

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Hannu Vahokoski

Hannu Vahokoski says: September 10th, 2020 at 7:47 am

Hello! We are group of 8 people, living in Finland. We are planning our weekend trip to Scotland (most likely close to Edinburgh) next September. We would like to spend one night out in a wild, in a beautiful scenery. We want to cook our dinner on a campfire on our own. In Finland there are lean-tos that you can reserve and spend a night semi-outside. Is it possible also over there? Tents would be plan b for us. Is there anything that you guys can do to help in an inexpensive way? p.s. if you are interested in improving your communication, our company provides ready-made chatbots with content for hospitality & travel.

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