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Scandinavia's Happy Secret: Friluftsliv

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Friluftsliv! Be inspired and learn more about the Scandinavian outdoor lifestyle and how it can improve your own life. Join us on March 29th at the brand new Nordic Outdoor store in Glasgow.

Did you know that the Nordic countries hog the top ten world rankings for the most happy people? This amazing fact prompted us to wonder why? Beyond the superb infrastructures, great standards of living, pioneering social care systems and the secure and strong economies there is to us a much more obvious and ancient reason behind the renowned Scandinavian happiness. 

(Try something new in nature. Learn to light a fire, how to fish for your supper or map read. "Check out my awesome ice sculpture! Now for a hot chocolate back at the cabin before a sauna.")

‘Friluftsliv’ is a concept or rather a whole way of life that is little known really beyond Norway and Sweden. This philosophy, if you want to call it that, is something that most Scandinavians recognise strongly and have a real understanding of, yet in many other parts of the world including here in the UK it is totally unknown. We think it is fair to say that these days, more and more people throughout the world are finding themselves yearning for what is clearly in our eyes more ‘Friluftsliv’. What is 'Friluftsliv' then? Well you can hear much more about it and the Scandinavian outdoor way of life on 29th March in Glasgow at our evening event which is being hosted in the brand new Nordic Outdoor store.

No but really, what is 'Friluftsliv'?

Essentially, Friluftsliv is the beautiful Nordic idea whereby in spending time outdoors in nature, we are returning to ‘home’ and that this is an important part of life, helping to (in this day and age more than ever) balance out our lives. Friluftsliv is medicine, for our inner-selves. This is a simple, uncomplicated concept and it is something that is ingrained in almost all Scandinavians from a young age. In Scandinavia you will see that this is an idea that is embraced by people of all ages and all walks of life and something the Scandinavian people have in common.

This common bond and love of nature is beneficial to every individual and also society as a whole (if people are happier then society is happier, or should at least be much better). 'Friluftliv' is, in the Nordic part of the world an ancient way of life that has obvious and lasting benefits to both people and the natural world. We think it is time to listen to our Scandinavian neighbours and learn from them. 

We will be explaining to you more behind the concept and introducing some simple suggestions as to how you can benefit from Friluftsliv on March 29th at the brand new Nordic Outdoor store in Glasgow. Speakers include the founder of Nordic Outdoor stores (the UK's leading supplier of quality Scandinavian Outdoor and Bushcraft equipment), Will Copestake (the UK and Scotland, Young Adventurer of the Year), the Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions 'Nordic and Polar' expert, Jonny Stage and a representative from Sweden's world famous Fjallraven clothing and outdoor equipment brand. 

(Head out with the kids. Children benefit so much from embracing the 'friluftsliv' concept. Now more than ever, it is important to encourage the next generation to care for our wildness and nature, and to understand that we are not at all disconnected from nature, rather that we need it). 

(Head out to a local hill and capture a sunset! In getting outside more we are able to discover and witness some truly extraordinary shows put on for free, all put on by mother-nature). 

Join us for 'An Evening of Scandinavian Travel Stories' with Young Adventurer of the Year, Will Copestake in Glasgow on 29th March at the brand new Nordic Outdoor store. 

(Discover the UK's top supplier of quality Scandinavian outdoor and bushcraft equipment. Click here to go to the Nordic Outdoor website.)

Living as many of us do in a world of urbanisation, increasing numbers of us crave for more time outdoors. We have a subconscious yearning to be surrounded by nature or natural things. As a result of a modern detachment from our more harmonious ancient relationship with nature, we are finding many people with higher levels of stress, ill health, fatigue or low self-esteem. Friluftsliv is the free remedy and something we think you and your family should embrace. 

(Cooking and eating outside in your garden, a park, the woods or on a mountain side can be 'Friluftsliv'. We all know how much better food tastes outdoors, so why not give it a go next weekend and enjoy quality time outdoors). 

(The Swedish capital of Stockholm, where most residents escape each summer to a second house or cabin on the local archipaelago, to get their important nature fix). 

Perhaps the beauty of the Friluftsliv outlook is that it is surprisingly simple. There is no need for grand adventures, thousands of pounds worth of specialist equipment or days on end spent in the hills. It can be enjoyed at what ever level suits you best. Crucially though it does require a commitment to get outside and enjoy the natural world around us. Through doing this we find a deeper appreciation too for nature, this in turn leads to a mentality that encourages conservation and a respect for wild places. 

Our Scandinavian friends look at nature as something that must be cherished and protected. It should be exactly that. Furthermore it should be nurtured and looked after for future generations to enjoy. If this all sounds like sense to you and something you think you and your family could benefit from, come and join us later this month to hear much more from our experts and guest speakers. 

Be inspired and #ExploreMore in 2017 with #SandgrouseTravel & Expeditions.

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