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Visit Hopetoun House Scotland's finest stately home

Visit Hopetoun House Scotland's finest stately home


Located only a few miles outside of Edinburgh is one of the Scotland's most beautiful and impressive family homes, in fact this is often said to be the country's finest stately home. The glorious Hopetoun House is the home to the Marquis of Linlithgow and has been the ancestral seat of the Hope family whom still occupy the South Wing for over 200 years.  

(The magnificent and ornate state rooms within the north wing of Hopetoun House are lavishly decorated and adorned with grand portraits by the likes of Gainsborough). Click to enlarge. 

(The dining room laid for dessert. Typical of the period guests would expect a fruit-based dessert). Click to enlarge. 

As part of Sandgrouse Travel's luxury Scotland holidays we include within our bespoke itineraries visits to some of Scotland's most historic and important castles. These visits can also include great palaces and stately homes such as Hopetoun House. Many of these locations are the ancient seats and homes of Lords, Lairds and Chieftains and they are certainly destinations within their own right which is why we included them in our tailor-made Scottish tours. We can also arrange for foreign speaking guides and interpreters to accompany our clients on their tours so they can enjoy their visits to these remarkable destinations as much as possible. 

(Hopetoun House has an incredible array of antiques, portraits and exquisite interiors - truly Scotland's finest stately home and located only a short distance from Edinburgh). Click to enlarge


A visit to Hopetoun House is something we at Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions can arrange for you with ease. You will be able to have a fully-guided tour of the stunning house and grounds, including the landscaped gardens which were designed by William Adam in 1725. Hopetoun House is a luxury experience worthy of any luxury Scotland itinerary and we believe a visit here is in keeping with many aspects of our Scottish itineraries which are of the highest standards. A direct contrast to Hopetoun House itself, might be to visit Invereray, Glamis or even Blair Castle who's rooms are of a similar opulence, however each has its own unique architecture. Hopetoun House stands today as a monument to European architectural heritage. 

(The Sandgrouse Travel luxury Land Rover Defender pictured in front of the splendid Hopetoun House). Click to enlarge. 

(The Drawing room within the state rooms, still used by the family today. Each room tells a story of it own and gives an insight into the rich history of the house and family who live here). Click to enlarge. 

(Solveig our Luxury Scotland travel designer stands in the Hopetoun library and billiard room. Wearing a 'Walker Slater' jacket, a luxury Edinburgh-based tailor who specialise in Harris Tweed. Sandgrouse Travel can arrange for your very own private fitting with an Edinburgh tailor or kiltmaker whilst you are in Edinburgh. Why not go home with an iconic piece of Scottish fashion in the luggage?). Click to enlarge. 

(The grand entrance to Hopetoun House, equal to that of Blenhiem Palace or Buckingham Palace). 

For more information on our Luxury Scotland itineraries and how to arrange your tailormade tour of Scotland speak to one of our travel designers today.

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Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions is a luxury travel company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specalise in tailormade holidays to Scotland, Scandinavia and Africa and bring a wealth of first-hand experience to each of the bespoke trips we carefully create for our clients. 




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