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Archive for July, 2015

An Interview with Indian Ocean Rower and Author: James Adair

Posted by on July 22nd 2015 in Adventure & Expeditions, Ambassadors, Inspiration, Interviews

An Interview with Indian Ocean Rower and Author: James Adair

"The nights were a nightmare, something akin to sitting in the pitch black on a broken rowing machine with buckets of salt water being thrown in your face every ten minutes" - James Adair, Indian Ocean Rower. 

We speak with a man who left his desk job in London to pursue his dream adventure by rowing from Australia to Mauritius. 

In March 2011 James Adair set out to undertake a gruelling once-in-a-lifetime adventure trip by laying down a challenge for himself, despite...

Top Travel Books To Read (Part Two: Adventure)

Posted by on July 8th 2015 in Adventure & Expeditions, Book Reviews, Inspiration

Top Travel Books To Read (Part Two: Adventure)
Eight adventure travel books everyone should read

Looking for an armchair adrenaline fix? Need to satiate your burning desire for adventure? These wonderful tales of endurance and heroism are sure to act as your interim placebo: 

1. Endurance by Alfred Lansing. Arguably one of the finest accounts of the ill-fated Shackleton expedition to Antarctica. We learn of the individual personalities within the expedition, the constant and savage hardships endured, and the heroism that prevailed in the face of adversity in what is often considered to be...

Elephants in Botswana - Giants of the Okavango Delta

Posted by on July 1st 2015 in Adventure & Expeditions, Africa, Inspiration, Luxury, Photography

Elephants in Botswana's Okavango Delta

"We were seriously close to the action, hence the use of a shorter lens. It was an extraordinary experience I will never forget." - Alex Walters, Great Plains Conservation.

The African bush elephant - the real king of Africa

This short series of stunning black and white images captures the true majesty and beauty of the world's largest land mammal, the African elephant. Lord of all its surroundings, peacefully coexisting with a multitude of species across the savannah. An African elephant loves and is loved, shows compassion,...

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