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Book Review: A Long Walk In The High Hills - Selina Scott

Book Review: A Long Walk In The High Hills - Selina Scott

Mallorca, the island of a thousand contrasts

For many travelers, Mediterranean island locations are perceived to be "just another sun-drenched hotel and beach resort". They would be wrong to do so. Selina Scott’s A Long Walk in the High Hills firmly rebuts this view of the largest of the Balearic islands, Mallorca.

"The true achievement of this book is that it leaves the reader wanting to discover Scott’s Mallorca for themselves."

Selina Scott, whose television broadcasting career in news and documentaries ranged from Europe to the USA, reveals a new chapter of her life as A Long Walk in the High Hills enthrals on every page. She discovers Mallorca to be her island haven of relaxation.  Captivated by the beauty and solitude of the Tramuntana hills to the north west of the island, she falls in love with a small shabby *finca nestling in a valley of almond trees. Written in a charmingly readable style, we discover how Scott embraces the true rural heart of Mallorcan life. 

*A finca refers to a peice of rural land typically adorned with anything from a rustic labourer's cottage, a ramshackle farmhouse or a more substantial estate building. They are often located adjacent to woodlands, olive or orange grove plantations. 

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Mallorca's answer to Provence's Peter Mayle 

Scott's finca renovation project involved much heartache and determination to conquer idiosyncrasies of the local community, but the real substance of this book is her developing, infectious love of the island, its people, wildlife and beauty. 

Another enjoyable anecdote to this book is the unravelling of a personal challenge Scott set herself to unchain the chained dog that she walks past daily on her way to her local village. Slowly, the dog, whose eyes yearned for attention, is lured away from the hands of its owner into Scott’s care and together the long walks with the dog, Kindi, only serve to reinforce her view of this island paradise as they never tire of A Long Walk in the High Hills.

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The true achievement of this book is that it leaves the reader wanting to discover Scott’s Mallorca for themselves and for anyone wishing to travel to Mallorca who is happy to venture away from the hotel and beach, this book is a truly worthwhile holiday companion. 

Towns of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range: Banyalbufar, Bunyola, Deia, Escorca, Esporles, Estellencs, Fornalutx, Puigpunyent, Sóller, Valldemossa. 

Selina Scott - A Long Walk in the High Hills can be purchased on - click on the image below to buy your copy now. 

Please let us know in the comments section below your thoughts on A Long Walk in the High Hills and if you've enjoyed similar books. 

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(The majestic Formentor hills rise up behind Port de Pollença. Northern Mallorca. Click image to enlarge).

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