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Charles MacLean

The leading authority in whisky tasting and acclaimed author


'Charles MacLean is Scotland's leading whisky expert' - The Times 2010

When it comes to Scotch whisky, there are few with more knowledge and passion than Charles MacLean.  That is precisely why we at Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions have included his expert tasting sessions in our Luxury Scotland itineraries. 

Talks & Tastings

Charles' talks and tasting are tailored entirely around the requirements of the client or audience, the emphasis of these being on developing a better appreciation of whisky.

The smallest audience Charles has addressed to date was two; the largest five hundred. Charles presents a number of tasting a year throughout the globe for a multitude of whisky enthusiasts, from brand owners, companies, clubs, academic and many other institutions. Overseas Charles has conducted talks in Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Denmark, Germany, Luxemburg, Norway, Russia, Taiwan, Finland and Sweden. 

(Whisky barrels or casks sat in the warehouse at the Glenturret Distillery. Photo Credit VisitScotland) 

Tastings with Charles can be more or less tutored, vertical or horizontal and can include as many whiskies as requested, although after about six samples the nose and palate become tired. It is desirable that the audience be seated, with samples in front of them: larger audiences can be accommodated by an introductory talk, followed by a peripatetic tasting.

Whisky Dinners

The idea here is to match food and whisky, so that the former highlights characteristics in the latter.  

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(Enjoy Scotland's finest experiences from clan castles to heathered glens, historical talks and rare single malts - Photo Credit VisitScotland).