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North Pole Camp

North Pole Camp is a mobile Arctic camp, this means we are able to move the camp around the island of Spitsbergen to the best locations possible for the time of year giving you the best experience available. With North Pole Camp we are able to create you bespoke tailor-made adventure itineraries and expeditions across Svalbard. Talk to us today and start to plan an adventure that works for you, taking you to some of the most beautiful locations possible. 
Camp out in luxury far from the twinkling lights and civilization of Longyearbyen, the capital of Svalbard. Prepare yourself to discover a level of comfort and facilities that are barely imaginable so far out into the wilderness. Heated tents provide guests with a level of comfort previously unavailable in the arctic wilderness (except maybe for scientists working in govenment funded bases). At North Pole Camp there is even a chef who prepares delicious meals every day for you that keep you fuelled and warm for your days Arctic adventuring. That’s camping with style.
N.B. North Pole Camp is available within planned full itineraries and not as a stand alone accommodation option. 

Camp Overview

North Pole Camp is a one of a kind Arctic mobile camp. A unique product that offers guests the chance to camp out in luxury and style in some of the world's most breathtaking locations on the island of Spitsbergen. The tents are fully equipped with heating, comfortable camp, beds lined with reindeer furs and the worlds leading expeditions sleeping bags by norwegien Helsport.

At the camp you will find attentive staff who make sure you are well looked after and there is even a chef who prepares high energy delicous meals for you - perfect for keeping you fuelled up and ready to tackle any Arctic adventure be it snowmobiling or husky dog sledding. 

(Cosy, comfortable beds await after a long day in the fresh arctic air. Relax and unwind in one of the most unique 'hotel' rooms in the world). 

If arriving by dog sled your team will be surrounding the camp as on our other Arctic camping trips. It will be your responsibility to look after your dog team on arrival, unharnessing them from your sled and tieing them to their positions encircling the camp. After feeding them and making sure they are happy you will be able to retreat inside to heated luxury - a parellel universe. 

(For groups, dormitory style tents accommodation up to 6 people in comfort and warmth). 

North Pole Camp truly offers you the chance to experience the arctic wilderness like the explorers did, in tents, however you will take advantage of modern technology and comfort and be able to enjoy a lot more luxury than the pioneers of 100 years ago. 


Heated luxury tents provide the utmost comfort levels whilst in what is one of the most raw environments possible to visit. Groups sleep together in heated dormitory style tents whilst couples are able to enjoy more intimate private sleeping tents. 

(Wake up feeling fresh and enjoy a good cup of coffee the Scandi way).

North Pole Camp is a luxury mobile camp based on Spitsbergen the largest of the islands within the Svalbard archipelago. The camp itself is moved from location to location around the island depending on the itinerary requirements and of course the time of year. Being mobile we are able to reposition the camp to the best locations for the time of year and for the expedition. 

By Dog-Sled

By Snowmobile

Getting to the camp varies from itinerary to itinerary and depends on your mode of transport. Whether arriving by snowmobile or husky dog sled you will be warmly welcomed with a hot drink and be amazed at the comfort levels awaiting you inside these fantastic tents. 



Recommended clothing in the Arctic:

Woolen underwear as the base layer, warm wool or flees trousers & sweater on the top, two layers of socks (thin & thick woolen socks), windproof layer on the top (Spacious clothing is recommended since air is the best insulation), gloves (wool is recommended), warm hat (wind proof), scarf or flees- tube.

Good to have with you:

Indoor shoes or extra woolen socks, indoor leisure wear/ casual clothing for dinner, toilet articles, Sunglasses, sunscreen (not water based), binoculars, camera, contact lenses (for those using glasses), small bag/ backpack for personal equipment during the trip. The rest of your belongings you can leave at Basecamp Hotel.

Dog Sledding

This is the traditional way of travelling in the Arctic that can hardly be surpassed in terms of a beautiful, intense and romantic nature experience. A few days of dog sledding, from hut to hut or camp to camp sleeping in tents, will give you a more unfiltered Arctic experience. 

Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions can create and arrange several-day-long tours and journeys for the adventurous. Long dog sledding expeditions are certainly less comfortable than a cruise on board a large ship, but if you are willing to accept this you will be richly rewarded. 

Dog sledding is also extremely enviromentally friendly. The industry on Svalbard creates jobs where they are desperately needed in remote places. It is now estimated that there are between 600 and 700 working dogs on the island of Spitsbergen.