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The Adventure


Life’s defining moments: adventures & expeditions

Adventure. Exploration. Discovery. These three simple words conjure evocative images. Images that time and again provoke us to go forth and seek out new exciting experiences. When we look back at our lives, many things stand out but in amongst those most prominent memories are so often our greatest adventures. It could be said then that our adventures help shape our lives and define us as individuals.

Our company is dedicated to providing top quality, high-end luxury adventures and expeditions. At Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions we know the importance of getting an adventure fix. For that same reason we even based ourselves in Edinburgh, Scotland, so we could be close the UK's most dramatic and wild locations.


Go out on a limb, that is where the fruit hangs

We know that in order to make your adventure memorable it should push and excite you. At specific times you should even be stepping outside your comfort zone, for it is said that this is where life begins and where you truly learn, enjoy and create memories.

Through first-hand experience and passion, Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions are able to design for you incredible tailor-made adventures. Our staff have a real and genuine interest in all things adventure. Collectively the team have completed a vast array of challenges and expeditions and they are able to bring this wealth of experience and expertise into consideration when planning your next luxury adventure holiday.

Right from the beginning it is important that we listen to you carefully, taking the time to learn all about your dream. We love to know about the bucket-list ambitions you have and where you currently stand in terms of experience. Once we have collected all the information, giving us a clearer picture of your capabilities and your ambitions, only then will we make the dream a reality for you.


We live and breathe adventure

By working with the best professionals and guides who are experts in their fields and passionate about what they do, we are left in the fortuitous position of being perfectly confident your trip will truly be a great one. Experienced travellers will quickly agree that expedition team members are vital to the success and enjoyment of a long haul trip, that is precisely why we select friendly, professional and knowledgeable hosts who have exemplary records and feedback.

This vetting by us is vital and we are proud to be able to provide this high level of service. So whether you have come to us in search of exciting off the beaten-track experiential travel, to hike up Kilimanjaro in Tanzania or something more extreme such as camping out in Arctic surrounded by a team of howling huskies and the promise of a Polar bear sighting, we promise you we will take the time to create you something extraordinary.


The sandgrouse explorers club

We love to hear our client's stories. We encourage you to recount your life-changing holidays and adventures in a written article that stands the test of time. Memories fade so we thought our clients would like to have a place to share their stories both with their friends and others within the Sandgrouse community. Our client'''s stories are posted within the Sandgrouse Explorers Club section on our online magazine & blog.