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Luxury Helicopter Tours of Scotland - Scotland's Ultimate Holidays & Journeys

Posted by on December 19th 2018 in Adventure & Expeditions, Europe, Inspiration, Luxury, Sandgrouse News, Scotland, Travel Tips & Advice

Luxury Helicopter Tours of Scotland - Scotland's Ultimate Holidays & Journeys

For those clients who prefer to get around far quicker than the road allows and who love the idea of seeing an alternative perspective of Scotland - Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions provide some of the travel industry's most exciting luxury helicopter based holidays. 

Our carefully crafted, tailor-made Scottish itineraries include flying tours of Scotland, working with the country's best aviators. In 2018 we have given a record-breaking number of Sandgrouse Travel clients immense flexibility by incorporating more helicopters into our luxury Scottish programmes. We have seen...

Our South African Winelands Best

Posted by on December 14th 2018 in Africa, Inspiration, Luxury, Travel Tips & Advice

Our South African Winelands Best

As we used to live in beautiful South Africa, one of the most vibrant country's in the world, we feel very strongly about promoting this magnificent country's best side. We love nothing more than to share with our clients our favourites especially places you wouldn't ordinarily know about. The special gems we incorporate into our tailor-made holidays to South Africa go a long way towards helping to create the magical experience our clients are looking for from their holidays. 


Mallorca - The European Cycling Mecca

Posted by on October 31st 2018 in Adventure & Expeditions, Europe, Inspiration, Luxury, Travel Tips & Advice

Cycling in Mallorca
So, why do I need to plan a winter cycling vacation to Mallorca? 

If you head back through our archives you will see that we featured an article about the luxurious side to the island of Mallorca titled, Mallorca - The Luxury Jewel in the Mediterranean. The article went some way to explaining why Mallorca deserves your respect and attention and should be added to your 'bucket list'. Now we look to combine two of our great loves, luxury hotels in stunning destinations, with our love...

The Film: Svalbard 78° North

Posted by on June 13th 2018 in Adventure & Expeditions, Ambassadors, Europe, Inspiration, Luxury, Photography, Sandgrouse Explorers Club, Sandgrouse News, Scandinavia , Travel Tips & Advice

Svalbard, Adventure at the North Pole

Spitsbergen, Svalbard: certainly one of the best places in the world to see the Northern Lights, better still, it's easily accessible from mainland Norway with daily commercial flights. Curious and intrepid visitors alike are able to view some of the most dazzling displays of Aurora Borealis that can be seen anywhere in the world.

During the Polar Night there is 24-hours darkness here, at only 650-miles south of the North Pole, the northern lights in Spitsbergen are...

Sailing the Norwegian Fjords - Family Adventure in Norway

Posted by on June 11th 2018 in Adventure & Expeditions, Inspiration, Luxury, Sandgrouse Explorers Club, Scandinavia , Travel Tips & Advice

Sailing Norway Adventure Holiday

We are so excited to annouce that after a long wait, we are now sending lucky Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions clients to the Norwegian fjords, and we're dong it the best way possible! 

Clients sail the fjords in a converted Swedish Navy minesweeper, these days however the crew and clients are on the look out for the incredible Norwegian scenery rather than old World War Two ordinance.



Posted by on April 14th 2018 in Adventure & Expeditions, Europe, Inspiration, Sandgrouse Explorers Club, Sandgrouse News, Scotland, Travel Tips & Advice

Scotland Wild Camping

Scotland is a destination to rival any of the 'trending' locations seen in our in-flight magazines or Instagram feeds. A small, beautiful country that packs an almighty punch. It could be said, Scotland is clichéd by images of hairy Highland cows, castles perched on rocky outcrops and tartan clad pipers in heathered glens. And yet, Scotland has a habit of delivering on these classic images. This is a country rich in heritage. A place defined by rugged...

Inverlochy Castle - One of the World's Most Desirable Hotels Awaits

Posted by on January 10th 2018 in Europe, Inspiration, Luxury, Scotland, Travel Tips & Advice

Luxury Scotland 5* Hotel Holiday

If you are looking for the very best in Scottish luxury hotels whilst still ticking off the "Scottish castle" bucket list dream, then we think you need look no further than the magnificent Inverlochy Castle, by Fort William. 

This stunning 5-star castle hotel boast a fascinating history along with ultimate comfort and elegant luxury. These three merits together with some of the highest levels of service to be found anywhere in the world and of course,...

Scandinavia's Happy Secret: Friluftsliv

Posted by on March 19th 2017 in Adventure & Expeditions, Ambassadors, Inspiration, Sandgrouse News, Scandinavia , Scotland, Travel Tips & Advice

Sandgrouse Travel, Nordic Outdoor, Sandgrouse Travel Event, Nordic Outdoor Event, Will Copestake Talk, Will Copestake Adventures
Friluftsliv! Be inspired and learn more about the Scandinavian outdoor lifestyle and how it can improve your own life. Join us on March 29th at the brand new Nordic Outdoor store in Glasgow.

Did you know that the Nordic countries hog the top ten world rankings for the most happy people? This amazing fact prompted us to wonder why? Beyond the superb infrastructures, great standards of living, pioneering social care systems and the secure and strong economies there is to us a much more obvious and ancient...


Posted by on March 5th 2017 in Adventure & Expeditions, Inspiration, Luxury, Scandinavia , Travel Tips & Advice

Where to build the best snowman
How many wintry experiences have you and the family managed to savour this year?

Has the winter all but gone with the family bonding time of snowball fights, snowman building and epic sledging wipe-outs failing to materialise? Hmmm, we thought so. Fear not, Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions can help you out.

Here in Scotland and even across much of Europe, people have struggled to find the winter conditions of old. There is still a place however where the winter...

Guest Blog: The Art of Dressing for Winter by Nordic Outdoor Ltd.

Posted by on December 8th 2016 in Adventure & Expeditions, Europe, Inspiration, Luxury, Sandgrouse News, Scandinavia , Scotland, Travel Tips & Advice

Guest Blog: The Art of Dressing for Winter by Nordic Outdoor Ltd.
We are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with the brilliant Nordic Outdoor Ltd who have shops throughout the UK. Nordic Outdoor are the UK's leading supplier of quality Scandinavian outdoor and bushcraft equipment. 

On booking your tailor-made holiday with Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions you will receive a personal discount code to use in-store or online. We love the idea of giving you the chance to make sure you are properly kitted out with the best gear before your adventure.

At Nordic Outdoor you...

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