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Londolozi: A short Interview with ranger, Nick Tennick whilst at the Jewel of the Sabi Sands, South Africa

Posted by on December 3rd 2023 in Africa, Inspiration, Interviews, Luxury, Sandgrouse Explorers Club, Sandgrouse News, Travel Tips & Advice

Londolozi in the Sabi Sands - South Africa's best safari experience with Sandgrouse Travel
LONDOLOZI; A ZULU WORD MEANING, 'PROTECTOR OF ALL LIVING THINGS' This is a genuine family-run safari business that has truly earned its high ranking stars and stripes over the years. This is a business that to this day is run with an enduring passion. A passion that is shared by all its staff members from top to bottom including wizard-like guides and rangers, who bring to life every aspect of your time in the bush, right down to the hard-working and personable service and front...

V8 Defender 'Islay Edition' by Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works

Posted by on May 5th 2023 in Europe, Interviews, Luxury, Sandgrouse News, Scotland

V8 Defender 'Islay Edition' by Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works

Introducing the latest offering from JLR Classic. The V8 Defender 'Islay Edition'. Pricing is £276k (including VAT) for a Defender 90 and £294k (Including VAT) for the 110.

With a £5k payment to secure an allocation followed by 40% deposit and the rest on completion, timings for these dream machines are looking to be first ¼ of 2024.

JLR Classic are working on only 30 of these stunning looking 'Islay Edition' Land Rovers. What are you waiting for?


Scottish Art: ‘Easel Adventures’ Painting Holidays in and around Scotland with Sandgrouse Travel

Posted by on October 28th 2019 in Ambassadors, Europe, Inspiration, Interviews, Luxury, Sandgrouse News, Scotland

Scottish Painting Holiday
What could be more exciting than visiting this awe-inspiring romantic country with castles, meandering rivers, diverse wildlife and beautiful light. Now Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions clients from around the world can capture that inspiration in their own artwork with the help of an experienced tutor.

We are excited to announce that we are now able to offer Sandgrouse Travel & Expedition clients incredible bespoke art tuition in the magical surroundings of a most inspiring landscapes. Scotland is your blank canvas! Create your own unique memory on canvas of an unforgettable holiday. If you love...

An Interview with Indian Ocean Rower and Author: James Adair

Posted by on July 22nd 2015 in Adventure & Expeditions, Ambassadors, Inspiration, Interviews

An Interview with Indian Ocean Rower and Author: James Adair

"The nights were a nightmare, something akin to sitting in the pitch black on a broken rowing machine with buckets of salt water being thrown in your face every ten minutes" - James Adair, Indian Ocean Rower. 

We speak with a man who left his desk job in London to pursue his dream adventure by rowing from Australia to Mauritius. 

In March 2011 James Adair set out to undertake a gruelling once-in-a-lifetime adventure trip by laying down a challenge for himself, despite...

An Interview with African safari guide and writer: Peter Allison

Posted by on June 10th 2015 in Africa, Inspiration, Interviews, Travel Tips & Advice

Peter Allison with a cheetah

"One of the most harrowing experiences was having monkeys go crazy outside my tent one afternoon. 'Must be a leopard out there', I thought, as the monkeys fell silent. They’d gone quiet because they couldn’t see the cat anymore. Instead it was in the tent with me. That makes you twitch."

Crocodile Dundee lived in Botswana's Okavango Delta

We employed some of our own 'tracking' skills and caught up with the safari industry's well-loved and respected Peter Allison.  

Peter Allison is a man whose enthusiasm for what he cares about and believes in...

An Interview With Record-Breaking British Adventurer, Author and Motivational Speaker: Dave Cornthwaite

Posted by on April 7th 2015 in Adventure & Expeditions, Ambassadors, Inspiration, Interviews, Scandinavia

Dave Cornthwaite
"Solo 1,000-mile pedal-powered kayak trip across Scandinavia"

Dave Cornthwaite is a British adventurer, author and motivational speaker. He is the founder of the exciting potential-fulfilling brand “SayYesMore” and is now well on his way to completing something quite remarkable – Expedition1000.

You may not know of Dave Cornthwaite, but we think you really ought to.  This man’s infectious enthusiasm and zest for life is impossible to ignore. We have no doubt you’ll agree with us and hope that you might be able...

The Best Guide On Kilimanjaro? Msafiri Munna.

Posted by on March 9th 2015 in Adventure & Expeditions, Africa, Ambassadors, Interviews, Kilimanjaro

The Best Guide On Kilimanjaro? Msafiri Munna.
Can I climb Kilimanjaro?

Quite simply, Kilimanjaro is everyone’s mountain. Although a serious challenge, for even the fittest of folk can struggle reaching the summit, this gentle giant is achievable for mere mortals. On successfully summiting, the hardships endured to reach your goal only serve to make the sense of achievement all the more sweet.

You can do this, and it’s an adventure you will never forget.

No technical skills are required, just a reasonable level of general fitness, heaps of determination, a...

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