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The newest and most eco-friendly expedition ship in the Arctic

Luxury eco-friendly Arctic Cruise


We are thrilled to announce that we are now working with the newest and most eco-friendly expedition ship in the Arctic, offering Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions clients the chance to cruise both the Svalbard archipelago and Greenland's east coast, in true comfort!

Luxurious cabins, spacious, bright and airy communal areas as well as a open to all viewing bridge, not to mention an on deck hot-tub and sauna, the MV Vikingfjord is a Sandgrouse private charter not to be missed.


  • The most environmentally friendly small ship in the polar regions with a 95% reduction in NOX emissions.
  • Large, observation lounge located at the stern with side and rear facing windows to enjoy the view.
  • 8 Spacious cabins with modern decor, comfortable beds and ensuite bathrooms with a choice between doubles, twins or singles.
  • Enjoy a sauna or outdoor hot tub on the upper deck.
  • Lounge area on the bridge with a great view.
  • Ice strengthened hull with 1C rating for exploring the polar regions.


  • New energy efficient engine and NOX cleaning fitted in 2023 offering the best environmental credentials.
  • Rebuilt from the ground up in 2023 as a modern expedition vessel offering cruise ship comfort.
  • Accommodates 12 guests in 8 ensuite cabins with windows that are all situated above the waterline.
  • Modern interior finished to a high standard in 2023.
  • Equipped with 2 x Zodiac landing crafts for shore landings
  • Fully staffed with experienced captain, crew and expedition leaders.


The Observation Lounge

  • A unique L shaped observation lounge situated on the stern on deck 2 with large windows offering fantastic views all around.
  • Comfortable sofas, a table and chairs and bench seating for all guests to sit and enjoy the polar scenery in the warm.
  • Mini bar and coffee machine.
  • TV for presentations.

The Restaurant

  • Located on deck 1 the restaurant offers comfortable seating for 12 guests across 3 tables with relaxed bench style seating and a modern, light Scandinavian interior.
  • Enjoy freshly prepared meals by our onboard chef.
  • Windows to enjoy the view on both sides.
  • A TV for presentations.

Icebergs and Icefloes with Sandgrouse Travel MV Vikingfjord

The stated above, MV Vikingfjord underwent a complete refurb and refit in 2023, and is now back in the waters in pristine condition, perfect for Sandgrous Travel & Expeditions guests and VIPs.

On Deck

  • Equipped with 2 Zodiacs that are used daily for exploring with our Expedition Team.
  • On deck Hot Tub and Sauna where you can enjoy the far reaching view from deck 3.
  • Multiple viewing areas located on the bow, the rear deck and on the top of deck 3.
  • A large mud room with on deck access for boot and gear storage.

The Bridge Lounge

  • Large open plan guest area with lounge, dining and seating area located at the stern. Equipped with TV for presentations, mini bar and hot drink service.
  • Observation lounge area with seating area on the bridge.
  • Spacious cabins with ensuite toilet and shower.
  • Large mudroom and storage spaces for skis, and equipment.

(There's even an on-deck sauna and hot-tub for the true Scandinavian experience!)

Hiking in pristine Polar wilderness with Sandgrouse Travel private cruises

With only 12-passengers on any one cruise or charter, the vessel retains an intimacy that allows guests to take the best from their Polar cruise. We encourage our guests to charter MV Vikingfjord on an exclusive-use basis, always accompanied or hosted by a Sandgrouse team members as well as expert local guides and Polar explorers whom we know and work with often. 

Activities include an array of on-shore explorations and forays via x2 zodiac landing craft or tenders, expect to be walking on glaciers, hiking unclimbed or unamed mountain peaks, wandering desolate Polar beaches, discover whale skeletons feated upon by Polar bears, watch Walrus, Svalbard Reindeer, Arctic Fox and incredible seabirds colonies. Visit sites of cultural importance from local Inuit communities, to abandonned mining or whaling stations.

Our Polar cruises aboard MV Vikingfjord offer the photographer a dream expedition - the polar light, lingering on for 24 hours, casts magnificent hues of pink, blue and orange, in direct contrast to the white and black of the mountain landscapes and the deep inky blues of the deep, dark and cold sea. 

Polar Cruises on eco-friendly vessels with Sandgrouse Travel

Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions clients can join frequent shore landings via two zodiac boats, on shore they are guided by Polar expedition leaders who are experts in their specialist fields, from birding and wildlife, to geology and history. 

Zodiac shore excusions with Sandgrouse Travel & MY Vikingfjord

To keep the ship's eco-footprint as minimal as possible, a fuel-efficient engine with Nitrogen Oxide (NOX) cleaning has been fitted to reduce emissions by 95%. Overall, with fewer vibrations and less harm to wildlife this is now one of the most . Once available, MV Vikingfjord can also burn biodiesel instead of Marine Gas Oil.

The ship will feature an ice-strengthened hull with a 1B rating, allowing the ship to get up close to landscapes and wildlife with minimal disruption.

Andy Marsh, one of the ships co-owners, says "We're thrilled to introduce MV Vikingfjord to our fleet, which will further enable our guests to explore the polar regions in an environmentally conscious way without compromising on experience or adventure."

"It was essential for us that Vikingfjord was as sustainable as a ship can be at present, and being upcycled, we can minimize the enormous environmental impact often not taken into account when building a new ship from scratch."

"Vikingfjord has also been designed with inclusivity, catering to all, from experienced explorers to first-time adventurers."

"We believe that by experiencing the incredible beauty of this region, we can inspire our guests to become ambassadors for the protection of the environment" he adds.

From April 2024, Sandgrouse Travel & Expditions adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts can embark on an expedition to Svalbard onboard MV Vikingfjord with 9-15 day photography and expedition tours encountering polar bears, walruses, whales, and up to 2,000 glaciers.

Later in August 2024, MV Vikingfjord will set sail to Greenland as one of the least populated places on the planet with towering icebergs, uninhabited fjords, Northern Lights, sheer granite peaks, and fast-moving glaciers where passengers can delve into the life of the remote Ittoqqortoormiit community.

Join us on our private charter cruise ship for a Polar adventure of a lifetime! Email to start planning something very special indeed. 

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