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James Bond 007 Adventure: Fully Loaded Espionage Experience has arrived, 'Shaken, not Stirred'

James Bond experience trips in Scotland

A James Bond Inspired Adventure, Like No Other. This is a complete off-market Scottish Highlands experience in the true spirit of '007'. 

Celebrating 70-years of our favourite spy

Our 'Dossier for M' Bond experience, is unique. This particularly special Bond-inspired adventure provides our clients with an unmatched high-octane Scottish Highlands experience. With use of approximately 650,000-acres of private Scottish estates the stage is set for your thrilling double 'o' adventure.  

iPhone / Android friendly link: A James Bond Adventure

The mission involves a realistic and fun storyline woven into an action-packed itinerary. Participants work with 'ex forces' operators who provide a highly authentic field of operations.

Expect to try your hand at varied aspects of espionage 'training' that would other-wise be reserved for the murky world of real life 'Bonds'; demolitions, safe-cracking, long range sniper ranges and even getting to grips with firearms platforms across the ages - including WW2 Sten guns and .303 bolt action rifles to modern MP5 sub-machine guns and much more. 

Return private jet flights included from your city start point around the world, a seaplane flight to the Scottish Highlands, multiple twin-engine AW109 helicopter infils / exfils to top secret locations, demolitions and firearms experience with 'ex forces' operators, sniper rifle firing on long range targetsmilitary grade special ops RIB boat transfers with 'ex forces' operators at the helm, Aston Martin drive through Glen Coe & Glen Etive, stays at remote off-market Highland castles (as well as an inaccessible Bond villain lair) located in some of Britain's most rugged landscapes, this trip is action packed. See below for a full 'What's Included' overview. 

Bond's True Highland Heritage

We are firm believers that the true spirit of the world's most famous espionage character resides here in the rugged Scottish Highlands. The movie 'Skyfall' clearly explains to us the back story to Ian Fleming's world-famous character. Put simply, Bond is rooted in the Scottish Highlands, this is his home. 

Today we offer the best possible opportunity on the market to live out a real life Bond adventure in Scotland. Participants will be walking in the footsteps of both the fictional Bond character, but also the real-life Ian Fleming himself, who spent large parts of his life in Scotland. Ian Fleming would spend summers in Scotland with his family and friends on the Fleming family Highland sporting estate, and of course during his time in the military, working with the British Armed Forces fledgling Commando units & Special Operations Executives. 

James Bond experience, James Bond travel experience("Send it!" - Firearms, demolitions, safe-cracking, plastics explosives and lots of hardware await!). 

Now there is the very real chance for our VVIP clients to experience a one-of-a-kind 'James Bond' style rush. We are confident that there is nothing else like this on the open market for the adventure loving 'Commander Bond' fan. In fact, we would go as far as to say, we are pretty sure that if the 'Bond' curator himself, Ian Fleming were alive today, that he would want to do this incredible trip. 

James Bond travel experience, 007 Scotland(Skyfall, in Scotland. The home of James Bond fictional and real - with Ian Fleming's connections to Scotland running deep).

Location: Scottish Highlands

At Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions we are very fortunate to have unprecedented access to much of Scotland's most wild and remote locations - private lands and vast Highland estates where we can orchestrate incredible experiences.

The unique 'Dossier for M' experience is part of our carefully curated series of global adventures. Destinations include Scotland, Norway's Lofoten Islands, Arctic Sweden and South Africa.

'Dossier for M' 

'Dossier for M' derives from Ian Fleming's first Bond novel, 'Casino Royale'. Casino Royale was the book that launched James Bond into the public psyche in the 1950's. The original story's allure endures to this day, a global phenomenom was born in 1953. We have all seen the subsequent 25 high-impact films with various encarnations of the 007 agent. We look forward to future iterations, and glimpes into the dapper Brit character's high-stakes world. 

James Bond travel and adventure(Arrivals into the UK by our specially chartered 'Bond' private jet - the private jet will be used for your final return journey too).

This adventure is for those seeking out the true spirit of the world's most famous espionage character, combining off-market access to Scotland's most extraordinary estates, castles, properties, experiences and of course, Bond transport.

Participants are each issued an Omega Seamaster 'Bond Edition' and a Royal Navy issue Wooly Pully for good measure 

James Bond watches(Participants are issued with a very special keepsake from their experience).

James Bond Scotland Trip - 007 in Scotland (Flying over the rugged fjord-like landscapes of the West Coast of Scotland to a would-be MI6 Headquarters). 

"The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time." - M 

No Time to Die Scotland, James Bond travel, James Bond life(Sandgrouse twin-engine AW109 helicopters, 'Blackgrouse', are used throughout the experience in Scotland, with relocations to some of the most remote and incredible accommodation and locations in Scotland). 

The Mission Brief

Our James Bond inspired experience is either a 5-night (with London's Langham Hotel included) or solely 3-night Scottish Highlands mission that is all action-packed. If you so choose to add the optional extra of two nights at The Langham in London - one of Bond's favourite London addresses, expect to use your time here wisely.

This addition includes pre-arranged tailoring appointments at Huntsman Saville Row (for your Bond inspired Evening Wear), Walker Slater Covent Garden (Gentlemen's country suits) and of course, dinner reservations at Rules Restaurant - the oldest restaurant in London, serving up the finiest Game food to be found anywhere in the UK. 

Once kitted out with your Bond-style attire, including your beautiful Omega Seamaster 'Bond Edition' wristwatch and let's not forget, a 'Bond' Royal Navy issue woolly pully, participants are soon set to be 'deployed'. 

The following morning, flying direct by seaplane from London City Airport you will head north up to a top secret private castle in the Scottish Highlands. The seaplane touches down on the remote waters by one of the world's most impressive private castles. Here the on-site team awaits and the serious fun starts. 

On arriving 'in the field', you will find yourself in the thick of it. Watching your seaplane take off from the loch and disappear over the horizon of the nearby mountains, it will now be time to take stock of your new rugged surroundings and get down to Bond business. 

Anything is possible - we can even tandem parachute you in to the DZ.

James Bond Experience Hotel - a Blackgrouse event, part of Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions off-market Scotland travel(The Langham in London, provides the perfect 'Bond' residense whilst in the UK's capital city). 
Langham Hotel, London - James Bond Hotels

Your orders given, a plan hatched, your one-of-a-kind chase across the Scottish Highlands has just begun.

The following days see you living out some of the most thrilling adventures on offer in the UK. This is an itinerary that is unique within the travel industry for a host of reasons - a complete Bond travel package that includes some of the most exhilerating experiences. 

James Bond Scotland - Adventure Travel Like No Other(London City Airport to Scotland by our 'MI6' Seaplane. Our float plane drops participants right into the thick of it, landing at either the training ground, castle or private island accommodation, lochside!). 
James Bond lifestyle, Bond in Scotland, James Bond Skyfall Scotland(Boys toys, reign supreme throughout this high-octane adventure). 

We use some of the coolest gadgetry and 'boy's toys' our there. Supercars, Land Rovers, seaplanes, helicopters, private jets, military fast boats and hardware, as well as weapons testing ranges and much more. Our trips involve participation of "ex forces" operators who are the very best at what they do. 

Elements of all of the above are to be savoured on the 'Dossier for M' experience, but guests also enjoy an array of unique Scottish Highland accommodation. Within your itinerary are properties that are totally private, off-market and reserved for the world's most secretive and elite circles.

James Bond RIB SAS Who Dares Wins RIB Scotland Luxury James Bond Travel(Military spec RIBs transport participants around the rugged West Coast of Scotland at up to 60 knots, with 'ex forces' helmsmen in their old stomping grounds). 

Fully Loaded Travel

Return private jet flights included from your city start point around the world, a seaplane flight to the Scottish Highlands, multiple twin-engine AW109 helicopter infils / exfils to secret locations, military grade special ops RIB boat transfers with 'ex forces' operators at the helm, Aston Martin drive through Glen Coe & Glen Etive, stays at remote off-market Highland castles (as well as an inaccessible Bond villain lair) located in some of Britain's most rugged landscapes, this trip is action packed.

James Bond MP5 - James Bond Weapons (Weapons System Demo: Bond fans will know the MP5 (German: Maschinenpistole 5), an iconic 9mm submachine gun, developed in the 1960s by a team of engineers from the German small arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch GmbH. Variants of the firearm have seen widespread usage in the official James Bond franchise from 1987's 'The Living Daylights' onward.)

(Demolitions experiences that leave an impression! Working with 'ex forces' experts, expect to be wow'd with some awe-inspiring detonations). 

Secretive Castles, Private Lodges & Hideouts

All off-market, luxury private castles, lodges and Bond-villain lairs are unique to the trip and we are the sole operators with access to these one of a kind proeprties. Our accommodation is not available on the open market. 

We have specifically curated the 'Dossier for M' experience to be centred around some of the most extraordinary private properties and residences in Europe. Places that are reserved for only the few.

James Bond Skyfall James Bond Experience Scotland(Private castles, estates and lodge hideouts - our itineraries are litered with unique off-market properties that fit the 'Bond' narrative). 

These are private homes that few people on earth have had the opportunity to enjoy, rest assured they each have their own characteristics, playing their roles within the experience beautifully. From castles with helicopter hangers built into mountain-sides, to isolated lodges on the shoreline accessed by boat only with private moorings. 

James Bond Skyfall mansion, Skyfall house interior. James Bond experience and travel

James Bond lodge, James Bond cabin, James Bond Norway, James Bond Scotland
(Heli convoys to secretive Scottish island locations - discover private island hideaways, the real life Bond villain's lair). 

Top Secret Filming Locations

Participants will be experiencing both inspired and real life film locations, working with expert teams and getting to grips with all the expected toys and gadgetry straight from the development labs.

There is of course, a visit to Glen Etive, which features so strongly in 'Skyfall' with Daniel Craig and Judy Dench as 'Bond and M'. We have arranged a photoshoot whilst here, with one of Bond's Aston Martins. 

(Land Rover Convoys in the wheeltracks of the film crew from 'No Time To Die' - off market visits to filming locations and sites in the most remote areas of the wild Scottish Highlands). 

(Enjoy unrestricted access to one of the UK's largest private ranges within this unique Scottish Highlands James Bond inspired adventure). 

James Bond Skyfall Scotland, James Bond Scotland, 007 Experience Scotland(Some of the UK's most unbelieveable homes and properties are carefully woven into the storyline. Access via helicopter or boat only of course). 

There is a host of extraordinary reasons that this short sharp adventure packs a knock-out punch.

What's Included?

  • Private Jet flights from anywhere in the world (to London, Return from Scotland).
  • 2 Nights Accommodation at The Langham Hotel London.
  • 3 Nights  Accommodation at Private Off-Market Scottish Castle.
  • Private Huntsman Saville Row & Walker Slater Covent Garden tux and suit fittings.
  • Provision of Royal Navy issue 'Commander Bond' Navy Blue Woolly-Pully jumper.
  • Mulitiple Twin-Engine Helicopter Flights. 
  • Seaplane Flight London City Airport to Scottish Highlands. 
  • Jaguar Land Rover 'Defender' Convoys with Drivers.
  • x2 Commemorative OMEGA Seamaster Diver 300m 007 Edition Titanium Automatic Men's Watches.
  • Use of approx up to 650,000 acres of private Scottish estates. 
  • Sole Use of one of Scotland largest, private West Coast Islands.
  • Off-market Luxury Villa / 'the Villain's Highland Lair' accessible by boat or helicopter only.
  • Marine transfers with Military spec assault RIB.
  • Long sniper rifle range - target shooting & tuition.
  • Demolitions and explosives experience on private MOD approved weapons testing range.
  • Clay-pigeon shoot in disused Quarry. 
  • Aston Martin V8 Vantage in Glen Etive photoshoot with professional photographers & lunch.
  • Castle Black-Tie dinner. 
  • x1 Macallan 'Bond Edition' whisky bottle each participant.
  • Brimoncourt French Champagne supplied throughout.
  • Top private chef & catering throughout.
  • Wilderness lunches with top UK specialist outdoor chef. 
  • Videographry Team creating a film of your trip. 
  • 24-hour Security Officers on-site at all properties.
  • 24-hour on the ground Sandgrouse Travel support team. 

(Of course, our Bond adventure features James Bond's iconic Aston Martin. There is even a photoshoot op in Glen Etive to capture the essence of this unforgettable adventure). 

James Bond Skyfall experience with Sandgrouse Travel - James Bond Scotland Travel
James Bond travel and lifestyle


Personalised pricing on application based on highly bespoke, tailor-made experience. 

Please get in touch to learn more about this one of a kind James Bond adventure, how we can tailor the experience to your preferences and interest. 

Email requests to: or call +44 773600 4305 and leave a message with Moneypenny... 

James Bond locations in Scotland - James Bond travel and lifestyle

James Bond experience Scotland

James Bond Learjet part of the James Bond experience Scotland

Call now on 01764 664 236 or alternatively email

Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions is a luxury travel company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specalise in tailormade holidays to Scotland, Scandinavia, the Arctic and Africa and bring a wealth of first-hand experience to each of the bespoke trips we carefully create for our clients.

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mark nicholson says: July 21st, 2023 at 8:14 am

Hi there, i am a travel agent in Australia and i have a family of 4 that are big bond and spy fans. i have seen the bond package you have and wow sounds great. is there any chance i could have a 3 night package cost and i would say it would be from Edinburgh, on or about the 17 July 2024. kindest regards Mark Phil Hoffmann travel Modbury SA Australia...

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