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This carefully curated helicopter based Scotch whisky tour takes our VIP guests to some of the country's top distilleries with a focus on small scale, high-quality whisky production as well as meetings with the country's expert whisky bottlers who specialise in the art of maturation to produce inspired whisky.

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Our whisky bottlers offer the complete range of scotch from vintage single malts and select grains to vatted malts and crafted blends. Beyond world-famous whisky making regions such as Islay, Jura and Speyside, this tailor-made helicopter whisky tour takes you to Viking Orkney, Highland Perthshire, West Coast Argyll and the Inner Hebrides! 

As accommodation, our guests will stay at two of Scotland's most incredible, exclusive-use properties, private Highland homes that are offered to a very lucky few each year. Each complete with a resident chef and hosting team, making the perfect bases from which to strike out from and explore, savouring the delights of Scotland. 

Helicopter Scotland holidays

Within your unique Scottish tour you will also have the chance to experience some incredible memorable encounters with local legendary characters and guides. We have arranged for you a private Marine Safari with one of the country's top scallop divers complete with a remote uninhabited island beach BBQ (with whisky). We have also been able to arranged a special evening for you, dining with ex-SAS legend and adventurer Tom McClean - who will arrive by boat at the mooring of your truly unique private house (no roads in - helicopter and boat access only)! 

On leaving the West Coast of Scotland you will also have the special opportunity to explore the 15th largest island in Scotland, the mystic Isle of Rum with its towering and foreboding Cuillin mountains, desolate beaches and a population of only eighteen people. Here, with your expert local guide, you will stumble across the fascinating Kinloch Castle as well as herds of wild-horses and Red deer roaming free in the lochan riddled hills. Expect to be thoroughly intreagued and amazed by the Isle of Rum! 

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To follow will be your base in wild Sutherland, a private 23,000 acre estate awaits with a grand old Victorian lodge as your own home. From here you will be able to strike out, tapping into Speyside, and further north to the ancient Orkney Isles - locations made possible to visit with your helicopter. 

Throughout your trip, two Range Rover Vogues complete with dedicated driver guides will be on standby able to ferry you two and from pre-arranged sites of interest and distilleries and all luxury accommodation is fully-staffed and catered. 



N.B. This trip can be created at any time of the year and is available solely through Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions. Total Price: £145,000 inclusive of VAT. Based on x4 adults sharing. 


Day 1: Whisky Galore

Today you will arrive in Scotland via Sandgrouse private charter jet (London to Glasgow Prestwick) and thrown straight into the thick of it! Transfering on the runway directly to your twin-engine chopper we've whisky tastings have been arranged for you at Jura, Ardnamurchan and finally Tobermoray whisky distillieries. Your first port of call will infact be Jura on the way up from the south with your helicopter. Having had a wonderful stop at this great and well loved island whisky, set quite apart from it's neighbours on Islay, you will fly north to the Isle of Mull. Here we have arranged for you to visit Tobermoray distillery. Lunch in Tobermoray.

Your final port of call today will be on the remote peninsula of Ardnamurchan, so remote that it seems as if another hebridian island. Ardnamurchan will be a great end to a day of fabulous tastings on Scotland's majestic West Coast giving you a good overview of the sutble differences in West Coast whiskies. 

On finishing up at your final distillery, you will then have a short flight north around the coast to your incredible private Highland lodge, on the shores of one of Scotland's most dramatic and remote sea lochs, Loch Nevis. Here you are away from the world staying at a property accessed only by boat or helicopter. You will be warmly welcomed by the team from Sandgrouse and your chef will start preparing a delicous evening meal to enjoy in the convivial dining area withing the impressive kitchen room. 

Accommodation: Loch Nevis Lodge 

Whisky tasting holiday in Scotland

Whisky barrels in the warehouse

Highland Lodge for rent


Day 2: Marine Safari with Expert Local Scallop Diver, Dinner with ex-SAS Adventurer.

This you will wake up in a hidden paradise - after a breakfast served up looking across Loch Nevis, either inside or out on the terrace, your helicopter will depart heading to the stunning Isle of Mull. Here we have arranged for another off-market experience. You will be heading out today with a local legend, former writer, turned adventurer and eithical fisherman, Guy Grieve will be inviting you aboard one of his boats - you will embark on a Scallop diving safari.

Guy dives himself, collecting incredible Scottish scallops from the seabed before preparing these delicious treats infront of you on a grill. If the weather is great, you could be in for a beach BBQ! Eitherway, a day with Guy on the water is a real Scottish experience to savour allowing you to fully connect with another of Scotland's famous industries.

Guy is quite a character, having lived a year alone in the Alaskan wilderness, sailed the Atlantic Ocean and written many books! Guy now runs his own food company, called The Ethical Shelfish Co. - supplying some of the UK's top restaurants with hand-foraged and dived scallops, crabs and lobsters.

After a great day with Guy filled with fun and laughs it will be time to fly back to your lochside lair, where an evening to remember awaits. We have arranged for you to be joined tonight for dinner by ex-SAS trooper and ocean going adventurer Tom McClean. Tom will arrive himself by boat from his remote home across the loch to regale stories and share a convivial evening filled with good food, a little more whisky and great laughs. 

 Day 3: Private Marine Safari visiting Isle of Rum, Whisky Tastings and Flight to Sutherland

This morning you will check-out of the incredible Loch Nevis Lodge, after a wonderful breakfast bid farewell to your Scottish chef and our team (for now - as we reconnect with you later today!).

You will be meeting local legend and ex-fisherman Billy who will take you straight from the moorings of the house on an trip out to sea through dramatic Loch Nevis and on to the foreboding Isle of Rum. Here you will discover the 15th largest island in Scotland, home to only 18-people. The Isle of Rum is dominated by the Red Cuillin (huge mountains in the same change of mountains as the  Isle of Skye's Cuillin range) and home to herds of Highland Ponies running wild, Sea Eagles, Red Deer and Highland Cattle. This wild and intoxicating island was once the private holiday destination of a Victorian billionaire, who build the grand Kinloch Castle on the island - Billy will take you to some of Scotland's most beautiful and remote beaches, hill lochans and more including a quick show round of Kinloch Castle. Here your pilot will be able to land and depart from! Before leaving Rum, Billy will provide you with a good dose of Gaelic Whisky and a Scottish Seafood platter picnic complete with local fresh langaustines, lobster and or salmon. 

Flying on from Rum, you will head north towards Skye which is one of Scotland's most well known islands. Lying off Skye to the east sits the beautiful Raasay island home to Raasay distillery. Here you will land at the community football pitch just 1km from the distillery, a local Land Rover Defender will be there to collect you and take you up to the distillery for a great tour of this exciting new whisky (the first bottles of which are going on sale in October 2020!). Learn more about how the distillery is trying to grow more and more of its own barley working with Scottish universities to trail crop cultivation and various strains of crop. 

This afternoon you will fly cross country as per last year to the wonderful, remote Alladale Wilderness Reserve. Here you will be met by the fabulous team who will show you around and settle you in before serving a delicious evening meal. If you have time this evening on arrival you may wish to visit the Scottish Wildcat Breeding enclosure, learning more about this vital project, or see the newly opened Aquaponics farm on site supplying fresh veg to the house kitchens!

Accommodation: Alladale Wilderness Reserve & Lodge

Day 4: Speyside Whisky Run

Today you will rise to a wonderful Alladale breakfast in the grand dining room. Enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee to get you going then jump in the Land Rover down to the helicopter. You will have a short flight south to Speyside this morning where you will have your first port of call at Murray McDavid independent bottler and whisky blender. Murray McDavid offer a unique experience into the whisky world, give you a look at an alternative side to the industry with the chance to sample and savour some very rare single malts, blends and specialities. 

After a great tour your drivers will take you back to the helicopter where you will fly on to nearby Benromach. Here you will enjoy a tasting tour (to be finalised) with a member of the distillery team. 

Lunch today will be taken at the incredible Fife Arms Hotel, one of Europe's top hotels, newly refurbished and reopened. The Fife Arms is owned by the world's largest independent art dealers, and as a result is something of a unique property! With over 14,000 pieces of individual artwork including works by Picasso and Fued. this hotel is quite a destinaton to visit in the pictureque Victorian town of Braemar. Lunch here will be taken in the Clunie Restaurant or Flying Stag bar before you are driven the short distance down the road to Royal Lochnagar Distillery. Here you will have a Warehouse Tour of this small scale, high quality whisky. The Royal in the name was bestowed upon the distillery as HM The Queen (Victoria) once visited with her family when staying at nearby Balmoral Castle. 

On finishing at Royal Lochnagar in Ballater, you will be driven back to the chopper where you will return to Alladale for an evening relaxing. 

Accommdation: Alldale Wilderness Reserve. 

Day 5: Orkney Isles, Scapa and Standing Stones.

Today you will be flying north from Alladale, striking out towards the very far north of Scotland and beyond. The Orkney Isles lie just a few miles of the northern most coast of mainland Britain, here you will find only two Scottish distilleries, Highland Park and Scapa both with a unique Orcadian expression. Following on from last years Highland Park visit, in 2020 you will visit Scapa distillery. 

On arrival into Kirkwall airport a driver and car will meet you and take you the short distance to Scapa distillery where a guide will be waiting to give you a comprehensive tour of the distillery complete with tastings. 

On leaving the distillery you will drive back to Kirkwall Airport where you will be able to take the chopper and fly to some near by Standing Stone sites (pre-arranged landing granded with land owners). These standing stone pre-date Stonehenge and it is believed that this area of the British Isles is where the relgion started from which crept south... 

Accommodation: Alladale Wilderness Reserve

Day 6: Final day in Scotland - Speyside and Perthshire Whisky Gems

This morning is your last at Alladale, savour the serenity of the magical Highland setting, far from the rest of the world. After breakfast you will be run down to the helicopter, where you will fly direct to Speyside's Glenfarclas Distillery. Landing nearby the Range Rovers will take you to the doors of the distillery. Here you will meet head of operations and have an in-depth tour complete with tastings of this very special and ancient Speyside distillery. 

Back at the helicopter you will then fly south to Highland Perthshire where you will visit your final distillery of the trip - Edradour Distillery sits in the charming Perthshire town of Pitlochry and again, on landing nearby to the distillery itself, your cars will take you to the doors for a tour (to be confirmed with the team). From here it's a short flip back to Glasgow Prestwick Airport where your Sandgrouse private charter jet awaits to fly you home to London. 


Private Jet Flights (Return):

Our Embraer Phenom 300 will depart London Luton for Glasgow Prestwick and is offered on a return basis. This is a super light jet which will offer passengers generous cabin space, and a larger baggage hold accommodating approximately 8-medium soft sided bags. This particular jet has seating for 8-passengers with a two seat divan opposite the door, a club four in the middle and two forward facing seats in the rear. The Phenom 300 offers a light and airy cabin with contemporary fixtures and trim. This is a brand new aircraft having only come into service last year and as such it is in immaculate condition and would be a particularly comfortable aircraft for the flights. 

Private Helicopter Transfers:

High speed - with a cruise speed of 170mph (150+kts) there’s no faster way to get to your destination. Pair the speed of the AW109 with the ability to soar over the top of traffic jams or other delays, and the time you spend traveling will be truly minimal.

Plenty of room - these helicopters have room for six passengers, so we can easily transport a small party of you to your chosen destination.

All weather helicopters - the AgustaWestland AW 109 helicopters are able to fly in adverse weather conditions. Each of our pilots is also instrument rated, allowing them to fly at night as well as in poor weather. So, whatever the weather or time of day when you land, nothing will stand in the way of you getting to your destination.

Luxury - Sandgrouse Travel make it a priority to give you a truly personal charter service. On the flight to your special occasion, you and your party will feel very well taken care of. All of our helicopters are fitted with luxury seating, so you can be sure getting to your destination will be in the utmost comfort.

Safety - your safety is our main concern. All of our pilots have tens of thousands of hours of accident-free flight time between them so, you can feel safe in their hands. All crew members also go through a comprehensive training programme including annual tests on a full motion AgustaWestland AW 109SP simulator. Our helicopter charters meet or exceed all EASA regulatory requirements.

Pre-arranged arrival day of Scottish Isle whiskies from Jura to Ardnamurchan and Mull. 

Accommodation at one of Scotland's most exclusive private homes (a billionaire's private holiday home) on the shores of a true 'Scottish Fjord' with access via helicopter or boat only. The lochside Highland retreat is staffed with a Scottish chef as well as your Sandgrouse Travel hosts and will make a truly unique and memorable base from which to strike out from and explore the West Coast of Scotland. On the doorstep, a 20,000-acre private estate. 

An Evening Dinner with Tom McClean - ex-SAS trooper and Ocean-going adventurer. Tom will arrive across the loch by boat before joining you for dinner in the lodge regaling stories of high adventure and life in one of the most remote parts of the UK. 

Full-day Isle of Mull & Surrounding Isles excursion, Scallop Diving Safari with local personality, Guy Greive. Guy is the owner of Ethical Shellfish Company and an adventurer, author and all round great guy. He will treat you to a day on the water highlighting everything from local marine life, to sights on the mainland. You will enjoy a freshly caught seafood lunch with Guy today either onboard his boat or on the shore at a beautiful beach on an uninhabited island. Guy has previously lived alone in the wilderness of Alaska, building his own log cabin and hunting his own food. He has also sailed the Atlantic, and was a journalist at The Scotsman newspaper in Edinburgh. He now writes for various magazines as well as running his successful fishing company. 

Private Tour of the Isle of Rum with local expert guide. Our ex-fisherman of 35-years is a true local hero beloved in his home town of Mallaig and around the Small Isles. Depsite being one of the 'Small Isles', Rum is infact the 15th largest island in Scotland and has only a population of 18 souls. You will discover the fascinating history of this remarkable island, once the private lair of a Victorian billionaire complete with it's own castle (Kinloch Castle - one of Scotland's most incredible castles which may sadly not be around in a further 20 years time due to lack of funding for upkeep). On Rum expect to see wild-Highland ponies, Golden Eagles and herds of Red Deer as you are taking up to the mountains with Billy in his Land Rover. Billy will serve you a private luxury seafood lunch either on a remote beach, in the hills or aboard his boat. Pre-arranged helicopter extraction from Kinloch Castle. 

Private Tour of Murray McDavid specialist Speyside-based Scotch Whisky Bottler including Sandgrouse Range Rover road tranfers. 

Tour of Benromach Distillery including Sandgrouse Range Rover road transfers. 

Tour of Royal Lochnagar Distillery - The Warehouse Experience including Sandgrouse Range Rover road transfers from Braemar. 

Tour of Isle of Raasay Distillery including local island transfer (Land Rover Defender). 

Tour of Tobermoray Whisky Distillery, including island transfer. 

Tour of Jura Whisky Distillery including local island transfer.

Tour of Edradour Distillery including Sandgrouse Range Rover road transfers. 

Private Tour of Ardnamurchan Distillery including local transfer.

Private Tour of Glenfarclas Distillery including Sandgrouse Range Rover road transfers. 

Tour of Scapa Distillery including local island transfer.

Acccommodation at Alladale Wilderness Reserve - Alladale Lodge on an exclusive basis. 23,000 acres of private estate or wilderness reserve lay at your disposal. Landing the chopper a short drive from the main lodge, you will be met by the team who will warmly welcome you to your Highland lodge for the next three nights. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included in your stay. 

VIP Lunch reservation at The Fife Arms, Braemar. Including secured chopper landing site adjacent to newly opened and fast becoming top hotel in Scotland. (Lunch on own account)

Scottish Wildcat Breeding Programme enclosure visit. Scottish Wildcat's are rarer than Tigers and critically endangered as a species. The work being carried at around Scotland at capture breeding enclosures is ensuring the gene pool survives bringing numbers up before translocation work can begin in earnest.  

Aquaponics visit on site at Alladale Wilderness Reserve - the lodge is now growing all their own veg in an incredible, sustainable and futuristic scheme. 

24-hr, on the ground services and assistance from x2 dedicated Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions menbers of staff. 

x2 Sandgrouse Range Rover Vogue vehicles on stand-by throughout your trip and useable where possible (please understand there is a time delay in getting the cars from location to location however we have planned the trip to include our travel times and where it is not possible to have the cars, we have a driver and car of a suitable size arranged). 

Should you wish to use your own helicopter, our fee incudes Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions Pilot Support. We are able to help your pilot secure access, landing sites and with any other help they may require.. 



Call now on 01764 664 236 or alternatively email

Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions is a luxury travel company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specalise in tailormade holidays to Scotland, Scandinavia, the Arctic and Africa and bring a wealth of first-hand experience to each of the bespoke trips we carefully create for our clients.

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