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Luxury Scotland with a Land Rover Defender, Discovery or Range Rover

Land Rover 4x4 Hire Scotland - Luxury Scotland

In a Land Rover the act of journeying itself is as much a part of your adventure as the places you visit. 

What better vehicle to explore Scotland's rugged and scenic beauty than a Land Rover. Indeed the Land Rover brand itself is synonymous with adventure and exploration the world over. 

4x4 Scotland

(With an array of Land Rover models to choose from including , Defender and Discovery models right up to the Range Rovers we are confident you will have the right vehicle for you). Click to enlarge


We put our trust in the Land Rover brand who have steadfast reputation for getting the job done. That is pretty important when you are looking for total peace of mind and to enjoy what you are really here for. Lets be honest, Scotland's weather is famously unpredictable but our Land Rover hire 4x4s from 4x4 Hire Scotland are more than well equipped to deal with the worst the weather gods can throw at you.

Apart from the off and on road prowess of these cutting-edge luxury 4x4s we are always amazed at the ease of driving and comfort levels. Long journeys are no longer tiring in a modern Land Rover. Exuding luxury and refinement the modern Land Rovers offer both drivers and passengers an exceptional ride.

We firmly believe there is no better hire vehicle to explore rugged Scotland with than a Land Rover and that is why they are cornerstones of our Luxury Scotland holidays. 

(The Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions Land Rover Defender - a true icon of adventure and exploration). Click to enlarge.

(Why not include a Range Rover Vogue in your Luxury Scotland holiday with Sandgrouse Travel. These vehicles offer ultimate comfort, space and on and off road capabililty). Click to enlarge. 

(Covering long on-the-ground distances has never been so comfortable. Choose one of the luxury Range Rovers Sports models and make time in comfort and style). Click to enlarge.


We can create your whole Scottish itinerary featuring helicopter transfers and tours, or alternatively we can look to combine your on the ground luxury travel transport with our exclusive helicopter transfrers and tours. This makes for a truly incredible luxury Scotland trip.

To see the Scottish mountains from the air provides a whole new perspective on our wonderful country. A bird's eye view of the Cairngorms or the West Coast islands is something you will never forget. Flying also provides our clients with a sense of ultimate freedom and exploration. As you approach your Highland castle accommodation from the air, or pick out on a mountain side picnic spot for lunch, we know you will be pleased you chose to inlude our helicopter addition to your luxury Scotland holiday.

With a wide selection of helicopters availble we can insure again, the right vehicle is selected for your requirements. Look out soon for more information on our luxury helicopter tours of Scotland. 

Luxury Helicopter Scotland, Helicopter Tours Scotland, Helicopter travel Scotland

(Arriving in style in a Robinson R66 Turbine.) Click to enlarge. 

(Our 'Luxury Scotland' travel expert, Solveig, pictured at Loch Lomond in one of the Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions Land Rovers). Click to enlarge.


We have our vehicles delivered for your use at a pre-arranged hotel on your itinerary or we can have the vehicle meet you at the airport upon your arrival in Scotland. When you first take the keys we make sure to talk you through your vehicle completely. It is important to take the  time to make sure you are happy with all aspects before you head off.

(A fleet of the most capable and iconic Land Rover Defender's awaits collection at Edinburgh Airport for a group of incentive travel clients). 

​(Get to grips with Scotland - in this photo the Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions Land Rover Defender 110 easily copes with the harshest of winter conditions. Scottish Highlands). 

(The Land Rover Defender 110 XS provides the rawest adventure experience. Get behind the wheel of one of these iconic vehicles and start exploring Scotland's beauty. Land Rover Defender's are possibly the most iconic vehicle ever made and their reputation has been earned with good reason.) Click to enlarge. 

(Explore the best of Scotland -  take a Land Rover with Sandgrouse Travel and visit Blair Atholl Castle in the magnificent highlands. Photo credit: VisitScotland). Click to enlarge.


For more information on our Luxury Scotland itineraries and how to arrange your tailormade tour of Scotland speak to one of our travel designers today.

Call now on 01764 664 236 or alternatively email

Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions is a luxury travel company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specalise in tailormade holidays to Scotland, Scandinavia and Africa and bring a wealth of first-hand experience to each of the bespoke trips we carefully create for our clients. 

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Henry Gill

Henry Gill says: April 29th, 2021 at 5:23 am

I will be visiting Edinburgh as soon as the government lifts restrictions. I will be installing Internet and communications equipment in an office in Edinburgh at GyleWorks. Would like to rent a Land Rover and see the sites for a few days too. Thank you.

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