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Land Rover Experience Scotland as part of our Luxury Scotland trips

Land Rover Experience Scotland as part of our Luxury Scotland trips

"Our clients and incentive travel groups not only have the luxury of using Land Rovers of their choice for the duration of their amazing Luxury Scotland trips but they also have the chance to put a Land Rover through its off-road paces at the official Land Rover Experience Scotland centre close to Dunkeld." - Solveig Kerdranvat, Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions.  

Set amongst the beautiful Perthshire countryside in 'Big Tree Country' at the heart of Scotland, you find the incredible Land Rover Experience Scotland centre. 

land rover experience scotland dunkeld(To the north rising high into the brooding skies the Scottish Highlands begin. Behind us to the south, the rolling green hills of glorious Perthshire stretch out. The Land Rover Experience Scotland centre is situated in one of the most beautiful locations you could imagine close to the charming small town of Dunkeld). Click to enlarge. 


With the help of expert tuition from the Land Rover Experience Scotland staff visitors gain a full understanding of how these amazing vehicles work. Moving quickly away from the introductory iPad presentation visitors are also shown with the utmost professionalism how to safely take their chosen vehicle around the challenging off-road tracks. 

Guests experience a short in-car demonstration on the iPad before they themselves take control of the wheel. With calm and clear instructions delivered in a firm and friendly style guests feel at ease amazingly quickly, especially as they soon realise how capbable they are and of course the vehicles themselves are. 

land rover experience Scotland dunkeld(Choose from an array of Land Rover's awesome vehicles, from the iconic Defender 110 to the Range Rover, Discovery, Discovery Sport, Evoque and even the Freelander). Click to enlarge. 

These vehicles represent the pinnacle of off-road technology and are so capbably they practically drive themselves over the challenging obstacles. 

Land Rover Experience Scotland(Sandgrouse Travel & Expedition clients are able to enjoy professional off-roading tuition with Land Rover specialist instructors). Click to enlarge. 


The 300 arce off-road site could not be better placed in Scotland. Located centrally in Perth's Big Tree Country, it is easy to access from wherever you arrive or are based whilst in Scotland on your luxury Scottish holiday. The site itself has three distinctive parts to it from ancient forest tracks winding their way past ash and oak to rolling hills and a challenging purpose built off-road course. 

As the site is managed and maintained sensitively by the Land Rover Experience Scotland centre, this is still very much wild Scotland and guests often have the joy of sighting deer grazing or a flash of colour as an interesting bird darts through the forest.

"Whilst we were negotiating the challenging obstacles no less than four Fallow deer were 50 yards from our vehicle. They took flight towards woodland cover as we chugged up a 35 degree incline." - Jonny Stage, Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions. 

Land Rover Experience Scotland, Dunkeld, Land Rover Scotland(Solveig from Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions who has driven a Defender all her life, thoroughly enjoyed putting the Defender 110 through its off-road paces. In this photo you can see the amazing axle articulation of the Defender, arguably the best off-roader ever built). Click to enlarge. 


The perfect fun-filled day for incentive travel groups and corporate team building. As we at Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions specialise in creating high-end tailor-made incentive travel for companies across Europe and the US, we know the importance of arranging successful and memorable team-building and bonding excursions. Land Rover Experience Scotland has all the right facilities to cater for larger groups and we can arrange much more entertainment on-site.

Staying close by to the centre within a local luxury castle, you will be picked up in the morning and head to the official Land Rover Experience Scotland centre. After a morning of challenging off-roading in the world's most capbable and luxury 4x4's you can enjoy an afternoon inlcuding anything from Highland Games competitions, archery or clay pigeon shooting. We can even arrange a delicous hog-roast barbecue outside and adjacent to the off-road course or overlooking the stunning Butterstone Loch. 

Land Rover Off-Road Centre Scotland, Land Rover Experience(Fun times and a sense of real acheivement on the challenging well designed 300 acre off-road site). Click to enlarge. 

Land Rover Experience Scotland Defender (The latest Defender 110 with its anti-stall technology is practically impossible to get stuck - one of the reasons Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions also use the Defender 110). Click to enlarge. 

Land Rover Experience Centre Scotland Defender Ranger Rover

Land Rover Experience Scotland Range Rover(The Range Rover offers superb off-road prowess along with refined luxury.) Click to enlarge.

For more information on our Luxury Scotland itineraries, Scottish Incentive Travel itineraries and how to arrange your tailor-made tour of Scotland speak to one of our travel designers today.

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Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions is a luxury travel company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We specalise in tailormade holidays to Scotland, Scandinavia and Africa and bring a wealth of first-hand experience to each of the bespoke trips we carefully create for our clients. 


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