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Archive for June, 2015

An Interview with African safari guide and writer: Peter Allison

Posted by on June 10th 2015 in Africa, Inspiration, Interviews, Travel Tips & Advice

Peter Allison with a cheetah

"One of the most harrowing experiences was having monkeys go crazy outside my tent one afternoon. 'Must be a leopard out there', I thought, as the monkeys fell silent. They’d gone quiet because they couldn’t see the cat anymore. Instead it was in the tent with me. That makes you twitch."

Crocodile Dundee lived in Botswana's Okavango Delta

We employed some of our own 'tracking' skills and caught up with the safari industry's well-loved and respected Peter Allison.  

Peter Allison is a man whose enthusiasm for what he cares about and believes in...

Book Review: Whatever You Do, Don't Run - Peter Allison

Posted by on June 10th 2015 in Adventure & Expeditions, Africa, Book Reviews, Inspiration

Book Review: Whatever You Do, Don't Run - Peter Allison

"There can be no better way for a reader wishing to touch the African safari experience from afar than delving into the pages of this most enthralling book." - John Keith, Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions. 

Life in the African bush, from the safety of your own armchair 

For anyone yearning to experience the African bush observing the amazing variety of wildlife in some of the most extensive and remote landscapes in the world, Peter Allison’s book Whatever You Do, Don’t Run is the nearest thing...

Iceland: Images from The Land of Fire and Ice

Posted by on June 3rd 2015 in Adventure & Expeditions, Europe, Inspiration, Photography, Sandgrouse Explorers Club, Sandgrouse News, Scandinavia

Iceland: Images from The Land of Fire and Ice

"Captivated by the pristine beauty of all that lay before me, I stood motionless. Time slowed in what were a few brief moments of magic; I was spellbound and oblivious to the day's fast fading light."

An Icelandic saga captured through the lens

When Sandgrouse Travel & Expeditions asked me if I would be interested in going out to explore Iceland's wild and rugged landscapes with my camera, I didn't have to think twice about it.

Iceland is a photographer's dream destination and somewhere I had always wanted to visit with...

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