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Archive for March, 2015

Three Simple Ways To Enhance Your Next Vacation

Posted by on March 30th 2015 in Inspiration, Travel Tips & Advice

Three Simple Ways To Enhance Your Next Vacation

We asked one of our resident travel designers, Jonny, if there were any tips he had which help to enhance his own travel experiences. 

"When heading to a new country, I try and remember three golden rules. These may seem simple, but they can easily be forgotten in the pre-travel mad rush and even when on your trip." 

1. Research 

"Much of the excitement around my own travels is the anticipation of what's to come, what's out there. Therefore research and planning for trips is something I highly recommend you learn...

Farewell To A Safari Legend

Posted by on March 16th 2015 in Adventure & Expeditions, Africa, Sandgrouse News

Farewell To A Safari Legend
"Beyond Fashion" 

The Land Rover Defender has an esteemed heritage, and with good reason. The Defender we know and love today is a vehicle that has assumed legendary status the world over. This is because since Land Rover's inception 68 years ago in 1947, little has changed to the design. Fail proof, tried and tested, easy to adapt to the user's requirements and complete with an uncanny ability to go practically anywhere. These key ingredients are why it is likely to see these trusty vehicles on your next safari in...

Sir Ranulph Fiennes Turns 71

Posted by on March 10th 2015 in Adventure & Expeditions, Africa, Inspiration, Sandgrouse News

Sir Ranulph Fiennes
At 71, Sir Ranulph Fiennes set to run the Toughest Footrace on Earth

Heroic explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes turned 71 this weekend and in doing so maintains his remarkable hunger and steely determination to challenge himself. In April, Sir Ranulph aims to attempt to run 156 miles (251km) in just 6 days by taking part in the grueling Marathon des Sables.  This Saharan Desert ultra-marathon is ranked by the Discovery Channel as the toughest footrace on earth.

Participation is highly sought after...

The Best Guide On Kilimanjaro? Msafiri Munna.

Posted by on March 9th 2015 in Adventure & Expeditions, Africa, Ambassadors, Interviews, Kilimanjaro

The Best Guide On Kilimanjaro? Msafiri Munna.
Can I climb Kilimanjaro?

Quite simply, Kilimanjaro is everyone’s mountain. Although a serious challenge, for even the fittest of folk can struggle reaching the summit, this gentle giant is achievable for mere mortals. On successfully summiting, the hardships endured to reach your goal only serve to make the sense of achievement all the more sweet.

You can do this, and it’s an adventure you will never forget.

No technical skills are required, just a reasonable level of general fitness, heaps of determination, a...

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